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Two- Day TECHEXPO 2014 Concludes at NCT

Nizwa College of Technology conducted its second engineering tech-expo on the... read more

Dreams Unleashed

"THE MEN IN YELLOW" have added another feather to their cap. On Saturday, the... read more

Sem 2 A.Y. 2013-2014
Student Results

The Third Gathering of Technical Colleges' Students
View Booklet
3rd Gathering

Student Council
Election 2014

Student Council

ELC Final Results
Sem. 2 A.Y. 2013-2014

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ELC Results
NCT2You Online

Psychological Principles in Classroom Management: A Revisit

By: Rochelle Tarayao

The foundation of a strong and dynamic educational system is a composite of vision and mission geared towards improving the life of its stakeholders andmainstreaming of core values of the institution itself. At the forefront of educational arena, teachers are faced with countless challenges, one of which... read more

I.T. Department

The IT Department plays an active role in advancing the intellectual frontiers of IT, creating new computer technology and applying that technology to meet the needs of today's technological society... know more

Engineering Department

Our mission is to strive to graduate highly trained technicians, technologists, and professionals to contribute excellence to both the public and the private sectors... know more

Business Studies Department

Business Studies is one of the most sought after disciplines in the modern world reflecting the need for its graduates in most of the sectors in the economy of any nation... know more

English Language Centre (ELC)

The ELC of Nizwa College of Technology is dedicated to teaching English as a second language to Omani nationals. The centre offers two programs: the Foundation Programme and Post Foundation Courses... know more

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