Nizwa College of Technology conducted its second engineering tech-expo on the college campus recently. The spectacular programme was well received by the students, teachers and the public. The event aimed at the encouragement of technical innovations in various branches of engineering among the students of NCT and other technical colleges of Oman. The Techexpo was inaugurated by the Sheik Hamed Al Aghbari, the wali of Nizwa & Dr. Hafith Taher Ba Omar, the college dean. Dr. Ali Al Gafri, the Vice Chairman for International Relations, Media and Conferences in public authority of electricity and water and Dr. Ammar Al Ojaili, associate manager TAKATUF were the key note speakers. Dr. Ahamed Al Busaidi, the assistant dean of NCT delivered the inaugural address. Mr.Saravanan Paramasivam, HoD, engineering welcomed the guests.

The two-day expo was marked by the display of hundreds of innovative engineering projects of the students of NCT and a well-organized science exhibition. As part of the event, scores of competitions in various engineering skills were also held in which students from technical colleges of Salalah, Ibra, Al Musanna, Ibri and Shinas participated. The display booths were packed with hundreds of visitors like students, teachers and the public which was an indication of the towering success of the techexpo.The equally impressive session of the expo was the mega quiz bowl in which students from different colleges of Oman took part. Students from Al Musanna College and NCT bagged the first and second places respectively in the quiz competition.

The programme ended with the distribution of prizes by the dean of NCT, Dr. Hafith Taher Ba Omar and Mr. Saravanan, HoD.Dr. Mohamed Al Jabori, HoS expressed the vote of thanks at the concluding ceremony while Mr. Fazal Ul Rahman, the HoS, read out the feedback report. The opening and closing ceremony were well anchored by Dr. Antonio and Mr. Venu. Read more...

Nizwa College of Technology participated in the 2014 TAQA GCC Hybrid Electric Challenge hosted by the Abu Dhabi Petroleum Institute. The event, which aims to apply engineering design and management strategies to construct and race a full-size, single-person driven hybrid electric cars with three wheels, attracted participation from HEIs all over the Middle East. NCT takes the prestige of being the sole participant from among the HEIs in the Sultanate of Oman.

In order to build the car that will race in the event, the College, through the initiative of the College Dean, Dr. Hafidh BaOmar,with support from ADAA, Dr. Ahmed Al-Busaidi, sought the assistance of the Ministry of Manpower. After the major components of the racing car were purchased (i.e. electric motor, controller, chassis, battery and generator) from the Petroleum Institute, the physical structure (body), electrical circuit, braking system, steering system, and battery management were built as a final year project of a combined mechanical and electrical engineering diploma students. Other units in the College assisted the students in integrating proper safety mechanisms and stability factors, as well as in designing and printing car graphics and decals. As part of preparation test runs, practices were conducted at the Muscat Racing Track as arranged by the College Dean.

The NCT Team, officially headed by the ADAA, started their participation from 29th January, when all participants start bringing their cars to the garage for last-minute tune-up and practices. Preliminary heats will be conducted on 30 January, and the final hybrid race to be held on 31 January, to be immediately followed by the awarding ceremony.

The official composition of NCT Team to the 2014 TAQA GCC Hybrid Electric Challenge is as follows: Dr. Ahmed Al-Busaidi, ADAA " Faculty Advisor; NasrullahKhamis Al-Riyami, Diploma Student, Mechanical Engineering " Student Team Leader; Mr. Anil Kumar (Mechanical) and Mr. Sagayanathan (Electrical) " Safety and Technical Officers; Mr. Saravanan P., HoD-Engineering " Team Media / Guest Liaison; Adnan Khalfan Al-Siyabi, Mohammad Abdullah Al-Nabi, Mohammad Ahmed Al-Riyami (Mechanical) and MazinHamood Al-Busaidi, Mohammad Sultan Al-Nabhani, Saleh Hamad Al-Shekaili, Sultan Mohammad Al-Kindi (Electrical) " Student Team Members.

"THE MEN IN YELLOW" have added another feather to their cap. On Saturday, the 15th of March they clinched their second victory against Ibri College Team (Ibri College of Technology and Ibri College of applied science). The host NCT won the toss and elected to bat first. They scored a mammoth total of 130 runs in 15 Overs for the loss of 7 wickets. In return the visitors made 86 runs in 15 Overs for the loss of 2 wickets.
Many Congratulations to the "Men in Yellow".
The winning NCT Cricket Team
(1)Dr.Surya " Elc (2)Mr.Saravanan " HOD "Engg (3) Mr.Annamalai "Engg
(4)Mr.Thiyagarajan "Engg (5)Dr.Kasimayan " Engg (6)Mr.Vimal " Engg
(7) Mr.MichaelKamalesh " Elc (8) Mr.Gobinathan " Engg (9) Mr.Venu " Engg
(10)Mr.Marooff "Engg (11) Mr.Prabaharan "Engg (12) Mr.Aravindhan " Elc
The Scores
NCT ------ 130 Runs for 7 wickets in 15 Overs
Mr.Saravanan " 36 Runs
Mr.MichaelKamalesh " 30 Runs
Dr.Surya " 19 not out
Ibri College Team ----- 86 Runs for 2 wickets in 15 Overs
Mr.Rex " 31 not out
Mr.Jayakumar " 15 Runs
Mr.Swamy " 13 Runs

Training on Proteus Isis and Proteus Ares software was organized by the Staff Development Unit and Industrial Link Committee of the Engineering Department for electrical and electronics lecturers and technicians on 9th February 2014. The training was conducted by Mr.Muneer Mhamdi, lecturer in Electronics Engineering. The presentation was aimed in introducing Proteus Isis and Proteus Ares software for utilization in various student projects.The presentation showed the usefulness of the software in the design and manufacturing of PCBs . Staff members who attended the training got an opportunity to fully understand Proteus Isis and Proteus Ares software and its various uses. The speaker expressed his appreciation for the keen interest shown by the staff member in making the presentation a successful one.

Fatima Al-Shammakhi, a Business Studies student, is not only good in balancing sheets, but is also an excellent public speaker.

Ms. Fatima was declared champion in the recently concluded public speaking competition held last 20 January in Jibreen Hall of Nizwa College of Technology. The competition, organized by the Public Speaking Committee of the English Language Center, featured speakers from three otherdepartments, such as Alia Al-Zakwani of the Information Technology Department, KhoulaAl-Aamrifrom the English Language Center, and Mohammed Al-Bidai from the Engineering Department. The said contestants were selected to represent their departments after a series of elimination rounds.

The theme for this year's competition, Bridging the Gap to Global Communication, aimed at raising awareness among NCT students of the need to learn English using a variety of media to communicate effectively to other speakers from different parts of the world. In her speech, Ms. Fatima concluded that diversity is needed to communicate and fill this gap.

She stated that winning the competition affirmed her efforts to learn English and help guests from other countries understand the history and culture of her beloved town of Bahla.

She received a glass shield and a certificate of recognition for herself and a wooden shield for her department from Dr. Ahmed Al-Busaidi, Asst. Dean of Academic Affairs, and Mr. Sultan Al-Dighaishi, Head of the English Language Center. Her coach, Ms. FarhaDeeba Hassan, as well as the Head of Department, Dr. Imran Hameed, gladly congratulated her for bringing honor to the department.

Omani ingenuity was on display last week, 30-31 January, 2014,as 8 students from Nizwa College of Technology in the Sultanate of Oman participated in the 2014 TAQA GCC Hybrid Electric Challenge held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
The delegation, supported by the Ministry of Manpower, was the only participant from Oman. The team won 2 medals: gold in the Electric Grand Prix and bronze in the Hybrid-Electric Grand Prix.

The competition aims to attract participation from HEIs in the Middle East region and apply engineering design and management strategies in constructing and racing full-sized, single-person driven, hybrid electric cars with three wheels. The competition also aims to help students understand renewable energy technologies and project management, while working in a team environment.

In the first day of competitions during the Electric Grand Prix, the students drove their respective racing vehicles for an hour using only the energy stored in their batteries. The race saw the NCT entry overwhelmingly ahead of other competitors and easily won the race with a distance of 6 kilometers from its closest rival.

In the Hybrid-Electric Grand Prix, the teams combined petrol and electric power to travel the maximum distance in three hours. Despite the technical glitches encountered by the Omani team, it still managed to land in the podium as it bagged third place in the event.

Sponsored by TAQA and hosted by the Petroleum Institute with support from Emirates Foundation for Youth Development, the event welcomed 120 students from 11 teams that included the following HEIs: Abu Dhabi University, UAE University, Khalifa University; Masdar Institute; Nizwa College of Technology in Oman; College of Technological Studies in Kuwait; and HEIs in Qatar.

Dr. Khalifa Al-Shaqsi, a Mathematics lecturer and the recently-appointed Head of Information Technology Department of the College, participated in the 3rd International Conference on Mathematical Science held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia through the support of the Ministry of Manpower. Dr. Khalifa presented his paper entitled Subclasses of harmonic functions defined by multiplier transformations. His paper, based on the concepts it shows in new perspectives, impressed participants from the conference.

The International Conference on Mathematical Science aims to apply mathematics to the challenging problems of the real world. It was organized by the School of Mathematical Science of the National University of Malaysia, together with the Malaysian Mathematical Science Society, with collaboration from Lucian-Blaga University of Sibiu, University of Cluj-Napoca and University of Alba Julia of Romania. The conference further aims to bridge and nurture understanding and collaboration among regional and global mathematical scientists and practitioners.

Nizwa College of Technology yesterday celebrated the graduation of 370 students in a ceremony held under the patronage of Sheikh Dr. Khalifa bin Hamad al Saadi, Governor of Al Dakhiliyah. The graduation ceremony, which was held at the Nizwa Sports Complex, was attended by Dr. Munabint Salim al Jardaniyah, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Manpower for Technological Education and Vocational Training, members of the State Council, officials, shaikhs, dignitaries, college staff, and parents of the graduates. (from Oman Daily Observer, 26 December Issue, page 5)

As planned, we had our first Cricket match after forming our NCT Cricket team this September, 2013 with Ibra College of Technology. On Saturday (7/12/13) we gathered in front of Hotel Safari and left to Ibra College at 6.45am. We reached Ibra College by 8.15. After a formal introduction, we took group photos. Winning the toss we elected to bat first.

Our NCT Champion openers Mr.Thiyagarajan and Mr.Fakrudheen smashed the ball allover in all the directions and piled up a big score. We scored 126 runs in 15 overs for the loss of 2 wickets only. The opponents lost wickets early but managed to pile up 127 in 14.3 overs for the loss of 4 wickets. Even though we lost the game we won the hearts of everyone present there by our team spirit, elegant sportsmanship, unity and passion for the game.

The host gave us a delicious lunch and bid us with their greetings and best wishes for our future.

The Team

1) Mr.MichaelKamalesh (ELC)
2) Mr.Mufeed (ELC)
3) Mr.AravindBalakrishnan(ELC)
4) Dr.Kasi Mayan (Engg)
5) Mr.Maroof (Engg)
6) Mr.Thiyagarajan(Engg)
7) Mr.Prabhakaran(Engg)
8) Mr.Venu (Engg)
9) Mr.Annamalai(Engg)
11) Mr.Fakhrudheen(Engg)
12) Dr.EdwinPremkumar (Business)

The Score Card

Nizwa College -126 for 2 wickets in 15 Overs
Mr.Thiyagarajan -49
Mr.Fakrudheen " 35
Mr.MichaelKamalesh -31 not out
Ibra College " 127 for 4 wickets in 14.3 overs
Dr.Kasi Mayan " 2 wickets
Mr.Venu " 2 wickets.

Schlumberger Oman, through its Recruitment Manager, Mr. Zahar Al-Busaidi, sent its praises and appreciation to Nizwa College of Technology in regard to the quality of the company's new workers that came from the college. In the email sent to Mr. Ismail Al-Riyami, Head of the OJT Department of NCT, Mr. Zahar intimated that Schlumberger recruited 28 NCT graduates to work for their workshop as Maintenance Technicians or Field Specialists on rig sites. He further stated that this figure accounts for half of their total recruitment of diploma holders for 2013. Mr. Zahar also said that aside from these new recruits, Schlumberger also offered internships to more than 10 NCT students to be with the company this year.

In the same email, the Recruitment Manager of Schlumberger informed NCT that the company also appreciates the total support and commitment provided by the college to ensure their recruitment of quality workers. The company also shared its plan of conducting another day of recruitment at NCT in the 1st quarter of 2014.

Dr. Rolando Lontok Jr., Head of ETC, and Ms. Alice Lontok, HoS " IT Section, presented their paper entitled "Reflection on the Implementation of Blended Learning through Moodle", in the recently concluded Moodle Majlis 2013 held at the Arab Open University in Muscat. Moodle Majlis is a form of "Moodle Moot", a regular gathering of Moodle professionals and practitioners in various parts of the world. This year's Moodle Moot / Moodle Majlis in the Middle East is sponsored by Human Logic (Moodles exclusive partner in the Middle East), and as expected, keynoted by no less than the Moodle founder, Mr. Martin Dougiamas.

In their presentation, Dr. Rolando and Ms. Alice highlighted the institutionalization of Moodle use in NCTs "blended learning approach" to deliver lessons to students. They also described the framework they used that ensured a successful blended learning implementation in the IT Department, as well as the common Moodle features used in the college.

The Middle East Moodle conference was attended by university and college administrators, teaching and technical support staff, and e-learning enthusiasts from various institutions in the region, including Oman, UAE, Kuwait, and Lebanon. The next Middle East Moodle Majlis is scheduled to be held in 2015.

Participants: 25 Oil & Gas students from Nizwa College of Technology (NCT)

Advisers: Dr. Antonio L Mateo, Jr and Mr. ChandilyanSivarajUthamarajan, Mr. Ismail Al Riyami, Engr. Mr.Faizal and Mr. Ihab Fowzy. M.A, Field QHSE Advisor ofAbraj Energy Services Oman

Date & Period: 13th November, 2013 (Wednesday), from 7.00 AM to 5 PM.

a) Understand the competency based training on best practices in oil and gas industry by realizing the application of theoretical aspects on principles studied in reality.
b) Relate the upstream oil and gas engineering subjects like well drilling and plant surface equipment and its entire operations and tools, devices and instruments of sort.
c) To gain practical knowledge on health, safety and environment best practices followed in the oil rig.

Details of the Field Visit:
1) 25 of Oil and Gas engineering Diploma students of NCT gathered in the college on time and cooperated for timely start at 7 AM from college premises through the arranged bus. All that starts well will always end well is a wise adage tried for the day as a first thing. A student representative prayed for safe and purposeful visit on behalf of all and the rest joined him in silence. The bus driver throughout the whole trip was guided by Mr. Ismail Al Riyami, HOD of OJT Department. Vital instructions were given to the Advisers by Mr. Ismail for clearer directions.
2) All formalities like attendance, permission papers, full field attire with all Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs), and telephonic contacts with officials done beforehand.
3) The bus reached Wadi Musallam PDO " Abraj Energy Services Oil rig offices and a formal welcoming to all of us was given by the designated officers,MrTalal and Mr. Said.
4) Dr. Antonio in coordination with designated officers at site devised the plan for effective time engaging and split the lot into two batches. One batch of student of count 15 along with staff accompanied Mr. Chandilyan Sivaraj was taken to drilling rig site PDO 44/202 and the other batch of count 12under the supervision of Dr. Antonio visitedPDO 45/202 including geo logging section.
5) An appreciative gesture by the team was to arrange us for healthy morning snack before the real visit gave the students the glimpse on behavioral culture inside oil industries.
6) Batch 1: A slide presentation covering formal introduction, hierarchical structure and overview, vision, mission, policies and practices of Abraj Energy Services Oman was given by Mr Ibab Fowzy. He also enlightened the team with HSE management system, H2S management inside oil rigs, work permits, gas detection systems and life saving rules. He then highlighted this days safety schedule and practices to be followed during the trip and further designated three technicians to supervise the teams in sub-batches for visiting the entire rig. The professional presentation and mastery over the oil and gas subject by Mr. Ibab Fowzy had planted a great aspiration in our NCT students to prove their mettle when time comes.
7) All students were shown the drilling mud preparation, drilling, top drive systems, changing of pipes, drillers console, pipe stuck troubleshoots, oil producing and collection methods and blow out and all accident prevention systems in place. The team also learned about the drill bits, other ancillary plants like mud storage, drilling fluid recycle, pipe cutting units, mud engineers console.
8) The peak of learning was the motivation given by tool pusher & Rig Manager MrFaizal Al Riyamiand live demonstration of A- Z of High Pressure High Temperature (HPTP) drilling by their driller relating that days drilling depth of 1252 ft for oil.
9) Batch 2: was also given the same execution plan and they covered all aspects of drilling as highlighted before including the geo logging section. The students had a feel of real time applications of geophones, advanced geo loggings tools like gamma ray.
10) Both the teams on their finish were served healthy and tasty industrial meal. The teams thanked the respective Engineers for sharing their technical expertise and message for the day asking students to start up their career with high confidence. The engineers also came forward to share their Email ids to students to offer technical support within their means professionally and ethically.
11) At 3:30 PM, the field visit came to close, and after headcounts and basic formal checkups, the bus started to leave Wadi Musaallam to Nizwa.
12) The bus reached back Nizwa at 6.45 PM and dropped all students in safe at NCT College.
13) At the end of the day, all students including girls reflected saying they are inspired how their visit bridged the theory learnt at NCT with the practice at Abraj Energy Services. They all thanked all the officials at Abraj and NCT who were responsible for this successful visit.
14) The Oil and Gas Lecturers Dr. Antonio and Mr. Chandilyan Sivaraj wound up with thanks to Almighty, NCT officials and all students for the successful and safe visit.

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