NCT's 3rd Inter-department Public Speaking Competition, organized by the English Language Center (ELC), ended last week on 26th November, 2015 in Jibreen Hall, as student representatives from the four academic departments showcased their speech and communication skills and battled it out in the one-day finals.

Each contestant gave two time-bound speeches – prepared speech and impromptu speech. The topic for prepared speech was "Expanding Horizons through English", while that for impromptu speech was given to each participant randomly, with 5 minutes preparation time.
The order of presentation was drawn by Mr. Sultan Soud Nasser Al Dughaishi, Head of ELC. As a result of the draw, Hila Hedaib Al Hashimi from IT Department presented her prepared speech first, followed by Salim Al Rawahi from Business Department, Sara Al Hinai from English Language Center and Thuraya Al Rawahi from Engineering Department. Four teachers – one from each department – acted as judges and evaluated the contestants based on their various skills set.
After all presentations are over, Hila Hedaib Al Hashimi from IT Department was declared as winner of the competition. All contestants received their participation certificate from Mr. Sultan Soud Nasser Al Dughaishi. The winner's trophy was then received by Mr. Himanshu Sharma, Hila Al Hashimi's coach and trainer, on behalf of the IT Department.
Dr. Rolando Lontok Jr., Head of IT Department, and Ms. Alice Lontok, Head of IT Section, congratulated the participant and the coach for winning the competition.

A specialization induction meeting was convened on 24-11-2015 for the students those who are completing their Diploma First year. Dr.P.Saravanan Head of Engineering Department, Dr.Issa Al Toubi Senior staff member, Mr.Fazal Ur Rahman Head of Mehacanical & Indstrial section and Mr.Bensuin Registrar & Head of Section incharge Electrical & Electronics Section addressed the students about the different specializations offered by the department along with the various facilities availible in the department. The job oppurtunities for the different specialization also been pointed out. Nearly 65 students attended the meeting and gained the importance of the different specialization.

The Health & Safety committee of Engineering Department conducted the Evacuation Drill for 2015 on 18th November at 10:05 AM in line to our strategic plan goal of providing safe and health working environment. This drill was intended to check the overall response of people while having work and classes inside the EE building. It would also evaluate the outcome of a week-long awareness campaign among students and staff of the Engineering Department about safe evacuation. When the evacuation bell alarmed the students and staff who were present in the new Electrical Engineering (EE) Building's rooms and laboratories, started to move out voluntarily and in an orderly manner .The building was checked by the HSE Coordinator along with the Quick Response Team and HOD Dr. P. Saravanan announced the "all clear" signal.

On 24th November 2015, a seminar on the topic "Research Methodology – Need for Research" was conducted by Mrs. Sonia Victor Soans, IT Lecturer, NCT for the IT B.Tech students in order to ignite the spirit of research in the minds of students.
She explained the need for research and how to conduct it from the undergraduate to the PhD level. She gave them instances where they could find suitable broad areas of their choice and pursue to find solutions to the existing problems in those areas.
The student expressed their interest and also gave a feedback saying that they wish to attend more of these seminars in order to gain expertise in research methodologies.
This was the first of its kind for the student community and seeing the overwhelming response the resourse person promised to have more of these sessions in the near future.

Oman Mathematical Society has celebrated "OMAN MATH DAY" at Sultan Qaboos University on 22nd November , 2015. Oman Mathematical Committee Logo has been launched on the same day by Dr.Magda bint Talib Al Hinai , the chairman of Oman Mathematical committee. There were many academic activities like exhibition, discussions and seminars. The Imaginary Exhibition is centered on sketches of algebraic geometric surfaces and their computer aided generation. The interactive computer stations were displayed and that allowed the tangible exploration of algebraic geometrical structures. More details can be obtained from the website . The exhibition has been arranged in cooperation with the Mathematics department at SQU and German University of Technology, Oman.

Three lecturers including Hos of Math section of NCT have attended the conference. Dr.Khalifa Zayid Al Shaqsi , Mr. K.G .Sreekumar and Dr. Riyaz have attended the function. Lecturers and academicians from various colleges and universities have attended the Oman Math day celebrations .
In the Inaugural address , Dr.Magda bint Talib Al Hinai has pointed out the importance and benefits of using computer technology in teaching Mathematics in various levels. Many seminars were held as a part of academic activities on various topics. The seminar on the topic "Teaching and Learning Mathematics in the computer Technology Age" was given by Dr. Iman osta . He explained about the importance of the systematic approach of teaching and learning and the quantity to quality concept. He said about the advantage of using Mathlab and other software in teaching Mathematics in the colleges and univesrities. He has explained 9 criteria for teaching and assessing Mathematics. There were seminars on the topics Geogebra, MathXpert , Tinkerplots etc.
The topic Blended learning ( mixed learning) was handled by Dr. ali Al Musawi. According to him, blending is a best option for the higher colleges. Blended learning is a combination of traditional way of teaching together with the technology based teaching. The Oman Math Day was concluded with a closing ceremony .

Information Technology Department is regularly conducting various programs to the students and faculty members for their development in teaching and learning process. Nowadays, Ad Hoc Networks plays a vital role in the field of wireless communication. In this series, Dr. Jehan Murugadhas, Networking/e-Security section staff, conducted a seminar on "Research Issues in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks" to the faculty members.
This seminar is an essential program for current and future researchers who need a solid foundation in the communication world. Dr. Jehan Murugadhas delivered the various research issues of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks such as Routing, Location Service, Power Management, QoS and security.
The session also focuses about the database related research issues in MANETs with special emphasis on environmental limitations and data broadcasting in order to make effective wireless communication. It reviews some important applications of MANETs, such as Personal Area Networking, Civilian Environment, Emergency Operations and Defense.
In this event, 17 faculty members from IT & Networking/e-Security sections participated with active interaction. The program was conducted on 12/11/2015 from 12.00 noon to 1.00 pm in LR1.
Overall, this seminar presents a framework for how to develop better research implementations in the field of MANETs. It also provides a good platform for the faculty members to enhance their knowledge in the upcoming research activities. The speaker is thankful to the HoS, HoD and college administration in providing this great opportunity for staff development.

A Fire Evacuation Drill was scheduled by the IT Department through its Health & Safety Officer, Mr. Amalraj, as per the college policy on 19th of November 2015 for IT students and staff. This activity was conducted at the ETC building at 9.05 am, with the support of ETC technicians. With regard to the drill, all measures were taken to set the fire alarm at that time. Prior information was given to all teachers and students about the evacuation drill.

An alarm was rung at exactly the scheduled time and all students, teachers and technicians hurried to leave the building through the rear exit and assembled in the open space. It took 3 to 5 minutes for all to vacate the building. Afterwards, all those who participated, particularly the students, were asked to confirm whether their friends are present, to ensure that no one was left inside the building. After inspection, all concerned continued their normal activities.

All students, teachers and technicians cooperated and actively participated in the drill. As per observations done after the drill, a report and subsequent suggestions to increase safety of students and staff was submitted by the department to the college Health and Safety Committee.

Mr. Khamis Suleiman Hamood Al Khusaibi, an alumnus of NCT IT Department and currently a staff at NCT Registration Department, won in the Third edition of Al Roya Youth Initiative Awards, a project competition on different platforms in the fields of Engineering, Arts, Science, IT, Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy, which was held on 16th November, 2015 at Al Bustan Palace Hotel, Muscat. Mr. Khamis secured the Second Place in Digital Field from among the 212 competitors, for his mobile application, which he called "English Word Each Day". It is an application that helps students and other individuals to learn English. This app can be installed in the mobile phone and it helps a person to learn one English word each day. This word is supported with its meaning and pronunciation both in English and Arabic. Mr. Khamis intimated that the same app is included in the upcoming project competition event in Qatar.

On 16th November 2015, the students studying Taxation Accounting (B.Tech) attended a special lecture on "Taxation in Oman delivered by Mr. Mahmoud Hamad Hamdan Al Raba'ni Director of Taxpayers' Services, Ministry of Finance Secretariat General for Taxation in Sultanate of Oman.

In the lecture, Mr. Mahmoud explained what are the different types of tax system in Oman, Rules of tax, who are the tax payers in Oman, how to calculate taxable income etc. He interacted with the students by asking various questions in Tax and after the presentation the students were taken to all the departments of tax and he explained each department process for collecting the tax. Finally the new text book named Income Tax Law & its Executive regulation was distributed to all the students. At the end of session the students and faculty members thanked to all the officials at Ministry of Finance for the successful completion of the visits.
This program was organized by Mr. Mohamed Rafiq Course Tutor of Taxation Accounting subject and accompanied by Ms. Naseema Ahmed.

As part of Staff Development Program, many seminars and workshops were held in Nizwa College of Technology in the IT department under the Mathematics section. The Professional Development Program for the Academic year 2015-2016 paved its path with the seminar by Mr Sudeer kumar on Optimization Techniques. Dr. George Varghese, Lecturer in Engineering Department , conducted a workshop on the topic "MATLAB and its application in Mathematics and Engineering" turned out to be very useful to all Math lecturers. As a continuation of the same another section was also conducted by him. Mr. Debanjan Ganguly conducted a seminar On "Designing Task to help understanding function threshold concept" was another valuable enrichment to the world of Mathematics. Mr. Sreekumar conducted sections on Mental Math and E learn -Moodle Grade Book . Dr. S.D.SHARMA, a legend in the field of Operations Research has given a lecture on "MAKE BEST DECISIONS THROUGH OPERATIONS RESEARCH " These seminars and workshops have become a great help for the lecturers in their professional development. All the seminars conducted in the college were highly appreciated by the lecturers of Math section.
Mrs. Manitha Rijo , coordinator for Professional Development Program for the Math Section, coordinated the workshops and seminars.
NCT Math Club , coordinated by Mr. Renjith Kumar also conducted various seminars for students as well as for lecturers.
The Head of Mathematics section , Dr.Khalifa Al Shaqsi also attended the seminars. In his conclusion speeches he emphasized on the importance of Math in daily life and that the college is planning to conduct more seminars on this fields. The Head of IT Department , Dr.Rolando also appreciated the successful completion of staff development programs. He pointed out the importance of staff development program in teaching and learning process of Colleges of Technology.

Beginning of this month IT Club has started the member registration drive. Today the club is having 38 active members. 25 female and 13 male members.

As a very first activity, IT Club conducted "LOGO DESIGN" Competition. 8 entries recorded. Soon the club will announce the winners.
As a next activity, IT Club has organized ROBOTICS WORKSHOP on 12th November 12noon at LR-6. The IT club advisor introduced the workshop trainer / presenter Mr. T.V. Satyanarayana, IT Lecturer to participants. 27 participants took part of this workshop. The statistics were quite interesting. 20% are engineering students took part along with 80% IT participants. Baccalaureate(25%), Advanced Diploma(43%) and Diploma(32%) . Female(60%) and Male(40%). The students were very interested and going for next level of workshop soon.
Research Methodology and Career Development Skills workshop are in pipeline for this semester. For more details contact

The NCT MATH CLUB has started its student centered activities for the academic year 2015-2016 with the ultimate objective of developing their interest towards Mathematics.
As the first activity, the NCT MATH CLUB has organized training sessions for the students on MENTAL MATHEMATICS. This is a motivational activity for the students, planned with the objective to equip the students with some basic calculation skills so that the students can do simple calculations without calculators.
Two sessions were conducted by Mr. Sreekumar, lecturer in Math. The students were informed through email with the registration link as well as through advertisement on the college website for registration. The students were allowed to register in any one of the sessions as per their convenient timings. The reason behind having two sessions was that if a student could not register because of the specified timing, he/she gets an opportunity to register in the other session. A total of 34 students registered, out of which 18 students opted the first session and the remaining 16 students opted for the second session. The first session was conducted on 04/11/2015 from 11 am to 12 noon in LR11. The second session was conducted on 05/11/2015 from 10 am to 11 am in LR12.
Dr. Khalifa Al Shaqsi, the HOS of the MATH section, visited the students during the session to motivate the students and to give a brief description of the activities of the NCT MATH CLUB. He informed the students that the NCT MATH CLUB will be offering more similar and motivational workshops to the students in the coming months.
As per the feedback collected from the students, both the sessions were very interesting and useful for the students and they are very much interested in attending such workshops in future.

The NCT MATH CLUB was fortunate to invite Dr. S.D.Sharma, a well-known professor and the first Indian author of a book on Operations Research, to deliver a guest lecture on MAKE BSET DECISIONS USING OPERATIONS RESEARCH on 1st November 2015 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in LR 02. The session was meant exclusively for all the Math faculty and interested staff from other departments. The objective of the session was to provide motivation towards research and explore the future scope of research in Operations Research.

The session started at 11:00 am in LR 02 with welcome address, given by Mr. Ranjith Kumar, coordinator of Math Club. In his speech, Mr. Ranjith highlighted the journey of Dr. S.D.Sharma as a lecturer, scholar, author, guide who has supervised several research scholars towards the achievement of their Ph.D. degree. Also Mr. Ranjith, in his welcome speech, listed out some of the awards, honors and achievements of the speaker. Dr. S.D.Sharma's journey and achievements, itself seeks the attraction and interest on the special talk. Dr.S.D.Sharma started his talk with motivation towards research and explained the step by step process of doing research. Also he shared his life experience with the audience as a guide. The audience really utilized the opportunity by clearing their doubts related to the process of research. The interaction between the speaker and the audience shows that this event has fulfilled its objective successfully.

Towards the end of the session, Dr. Khalifa Syed Al Shaqsi, the HOS of the Math section, delivered the vote of thanks by specifying how the session benefitted the participants in clarifying their queries and confusions regarding research and providing a motivation towards research. He thanked Dr.S.D.Sharma for coming to NCT for his motivational lecture. He presented a memento to Dr.S.D.Sharma as a token of appreciation.

World Skills Competition showcases the value of skills and raises the recognition of skilled professionals worldwide. Skills are the foundation of modern life. Everything, from the houses we live in to the societies we create, is the result of skills. They are the driving force behind successful careers and companies, thriving industries and economies. Skills keep the world working. It has competitions in several sectors related to different trades. The Information and Communication Technology sector covers all the skilled areas that are related to information services. This encompasses everything from network creation and maintenance to development and finishing information technologies.
Information Network Cabling
IT Network Systems Administration
IT Software Solutions for Business
Print Media Technology
Web Design
Ministry of Manpower conducted a Filtration round for the World Skills Competition of the aspirant students of CoTs on September 29, 2015 at Higher College of Technology, Muscat. The event was scheduled to start at 10 AM. The eight aspirant students including Ms. Marwa Salim AlIsmaili, Ms. Maha Masoud Al Muzahimi, Ms. Maryam Ibrahim Al Sulaimani, Ms. Sara Ali Al Busaidi, Ms. Aysha Khamis Al Hadidi, Ms. Muzna Said Al Tobi, Ms. Ghadeer Saleh Al Jabri and Mr. Saud Khalaf Al Sobhi along with the IT Lecturer Mr. Muhammad Yasir Khan participated in the event. The students of HCT, Ibri CT and Ibra CT also participated in the event.
The participants are given MCQs based exam papers for networking, web development and software categories which they have to finish in 60 minutes. The multimedia category participants are given two tasks to design in 90 minutes. The participants are allowed to appear in filtration rounds of any two categories. The participation from NCT Students is as follows:
Category No. of Participants
Networking 5
Web 6
Software 2
Multimedia 1

Organizers inform that they will inform the participants about the results in next week. The selected students will be transferred to HCT for a comprehensive training for the GCC Skills Competition to be held in Saudi Arabia in April next year. We appreciate the efforts of all the students and convey best wishes for them.
We are thankful to the HoS, HoD and college administration to provide this great opportunity.

Information Technology Authority through Oman National CERT has organized a get-together for OCERT Ambassadors on November 9, 2015 at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Muscat in Afrah Ballroom. The main objectives of this event are to showcase ambassadors' efforts that have been achieved so far, honouring InfoSec Competition winners and active ambassadors, conducting Information security awareness sessions and getting Ambassadors opinions to improve the program. The Guest of Honor was Dr. Salim Sultan Al Ruzaiqi, Chief Executive Officer of ITA. The nine students including Ms. Aseela Hamed Al Many, Ms. Ruqiya Khalfan Al Nabhani, Ms. Ikhlas Al Shukeily, Mrs. Muna Al Kharusi, Ms. Maryam Hamed Al Shukaili, Ms. Amani Abdullah Al Hinai, Ms. Safa Sulaiman Al Rumaidhi, Mr. Omar Al Kindi and Mr. Salim Al Nabhani along with the IT Lecturer Mr. Muhammad Yasir Khan attended the event. The students are the members of groups which participated in the InfoSec 2014 security awareness video and poster design competitions under supervision of Mr. Muhammad Yasir Khan.

The event started with the welcome message by Eng.Badar Al-Salehi at 9.10 am. Mrs. Raba Ambusaidi discussed the Ambassadors program Achievements from 2011 to 2015. Later the winners of InfoSec 2014 are announced & awarded. There were total 37 groups which participated in the competitions. Eight groups are selected for the final round from the above two categories. One group of each category is selected by a team of experts as the winner.
Mr.Ibrahim Al-Shuaili delivered a lecture on an emerging security threat "Cyber Blackmailing" and followed by a coffee break. The Chief Guest exited. Later active ambassadors are awarded with "Certificate of Appreciation" and InfoSec 2014 participants with "Certificate of Participation".
A lecture on "Soft Skill session: See You at the Top" is delivered by Mr. Saif Al-Zaabi to improve the soft skills of participants and how to become the best. Mr. Talal Al-Asmi delivered a session on "How to be an active ambassador?". These sessions followed by a coffee break & snacks.
After the coffee break, Mr. Hassan Al-Ajmi delivered a lecture on "Cyberbullying and Social media security". He discussed different scenarios of cyber bullying taking place in Gulf and other countries.
The event was officially announced to be closed and followed by a Lunch.
Mr. Yasir discussed with Mr. Talal Al Asmi for some real time projects for the IT students. He is placed in Ministry of Education by ITA for the recently launched Information Security department. He informed that he has some projects for the security students and he is already sharing projects with the students of College of Applied Sciences Sur and Ibri.
The event was a wonderful opportunity for the students to get acquainted with the ITA and OCERT activities. We are thankful to the HoS, HoD and college administration to provide this great opportunity.

The Nizwa College of Technology Advanced Diploma for Computer Engineering students headed by their teacher, Mr. Mohammad Zafar Iqbal Khan visited the newly renovated ETC Datacenter last June 9, 2015. According to Mr. Khan, the objective of the visit is for students to have an idea for the real applications of network servers and other server based applications. These Engineering students were the first visitors of the Datacenter after the building renovation.

The Datacenter showcases the new Information Technology high-end projects of the ETC like Vsphere Virtual Desktop Infrastructure that runs under an eight core processor 384GB RAM Fujitsu Eternus DX90, Fortinet 1500D firewall, Fortinet Analyzer, Cisco catalyst 6500 Virtual Switching System, Dell R320/R920 rack servers, Cisco UCS-C220 Identity Service Engine, QNAP Storage server and Cisco 5500 WLAN controller.

The Datacenter is manned by the efficiently-trained technicians from the CSS-Network Group, namely; Arnel Marquez, Jonathan Gonzales, Rommel Halcon, Ashrap Habil, Ghaniya Al-Hinai, and CSS-HoS Said Al-Ramidhi. They also conducted an actual demonstration on the different functions of the technologically-advanced equipment in the center.

During the visit, Mr. Gonzales discussed to the students topics on ISP, firewall and core switches. Mr. Halcon on the other hand, discussed the topics on Camera/Security lock, CUCM and backup storage while Mr. Arnel discussed topics regarding VDI, NCT Application System and servers.

This endeavor was made possible through the efforts of ETC-HoC, Mr. Hamad Sultan Nasser Alaufi, CSS-HoS, Mr. Said Al Ramidhi and Eng'g-HoD, Dr. Saravanan Paramasivam.

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