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Some pages are missing in the middle

Michael Kamalesh     11-09-2013

Though the title of my random thoughts came from a popular Tamil movie of 2012 (Naduvula Konjam Pakatha Kanom), the trauma we went through was vividly real.

It was the first week of May, a weekend afternoon and a brightly-sparkling, venomously-hot day. It was the semi-finals of our friendly Cricket match, a match that we lost eventually, if you'd ask. To quench our thirst for victory we decided to play a measured, clinical game to have a better chance of salvaging a win. The Coin was tossed up, and winning the toss, we elected to bat first.Karthik and keeper Krishna opened the innings for us. Karthik, with a swash-buckling opener, gave us a good start notching 45 runs in 7 overs. After sometime,Karthik seemed to be somewhat dehydrated, thus we gave him a VRS (voluntary retirement service) and piled up a somewhat decent score of 72 in 10 overs. Now it was our opponents' turn to come for batting, and they showed their gutsy strength to demolish us. It was boundaries all the way; our teammates were so generous in proving that 'Charity begins at home'.

It was the 4th over of the game when the batsman lifted up the ball for a local six. Karthik got ready to catch the ball and maneuvered himself as the ball went on top of his head;unfortunately, his slip-on shoes slipped off of him, and he fell flat on the ground. For few seconds he laid there motionless, while all of us began rushing towards him. We gave him water and started massaging him. It was a bad shot behind his brain; I?m not sure whether it was his 'Medulla Oblongata'.

We carried him off the ground and made him lie down in a much better area. At around 6 o?clock that evening, we took him to the nearest hospital. IVs were given to him. Karthik was having a sound,restful sleep, but our peace was into pieces. Wild thoughts, negative emotions, trembling words were exchanged, and in our minds we think about the fate and destiny of this young father and husband.

After a patient, two-hour wait, Karthik opened his eyes and uttered the golden words:"Where I am, how did I come here?

Karthik is now perfectly all right, but the three-hour episode of '?Medulla Oblangata' was missing in the middle.