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Meeting Moodle's Martin Dougiamas (again!)

Dr. Rolando Lontok Jr.     20-11-2013

Ever since we got to know Moodle, both Alice and I became ardent advocates of its use, even when we?re still in the Philippines. Through the years of using this fantastic LMS in our various blended learning strategies, we?ve come to really appreciate its influence in our professional activities.

And so, every time there's a chance to meet the founder and lead developer of the e-learning platform that we?ve grown to love (and there were not very many of these opportunities), we grab it.

We met Martin for the first time five years ago during the 1st Moodle Moot held in this region. Fast forward to 2013, and we're on the 2nd edition of Moodle Majlis in the Middle East in Muscat. Martin, as usual, is the keynote speaker, and he didn't disappoint. Moodle released ver2.6 this week (a few hours after Martin's keynote address), and the features in the newest version had me immediately thinking of a few new projects that could be done for the college. These are really exciting times for NCT e-Learning.

It had also been a double whammy for us, as participants appreciated our presentation ? NCT's blended learning experience through Moodle ? a few of them even captivated at the effort we made through the years of implementing Moodle at NCT.

Of course, just like our first meeting, Alice did not pass the opportunity to have a photo-op with her idol.

I was contented of just being the photographer.