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Cricket for Friendship

Michael Kamalesh     05-02-2014

As planned, we had our second friendly cricket match with Ibra College of Technology on Saturday, 1stFebruary 2014, at the Thymsa Cricket Ground,Nizwa.

The bandwagon of 30 visitors (cricket players including their familiesand friends) arrived at the cricket ground at around 8.30am. After exchanging pleasantries, both captains introduced their teammates formally and had a photo session. Winning the toss, the hosts (Nizwa College of Technology staff) elected to field first. The visitors (Ibra College of Technology staff) notched up a huge score of 150 runs in 15 overs for the loss of 5 wickets. During their turn, the hosts lost a few wickets early, keeping the momentum in tight and tensed flow. The hosts tried their best and fought well but were not able to get through in the end. The visitors showed their gutsy sportsmanship with all round performance with the ball and bat on a winning note.

After the end of the game the hosts treated the winning team with a sumptuous meal before bidding farewell.

The NCT Team: Mr.Michael Kamalesh(ELC),Mr.Saravanan P. (HOD-Eng?g), Mr.Christy Singh (IT), Mr.Thiyagarajan(Eng?g), Mr.Aravindhan (ELC), Dr.Kasimayan (Eng?g), Mr.Humayoun (IT), Mr.Maroof (Eng?g), Mr.Prabhakaran(Eng?g), Mr.Sivakumar (IT), Dr.Edwin

Premkumar(BSD), Mr.Annamalai(Eng?g), Mr.Fakhrudheen (Eng?g), Mr. Gobinathan (Eng?g),Mr.Venu (Eng?g)

The Scores: Ibra College of Technology ? 150 runs for 5 wickets in 15 overs; Mr.Abdu -50 runs, Dr.Kasimayan ? 2 wickets, Mr.Anand -29 runs, Mr.Michael Kamalesh ? 2 wickets, Mr.Ranjan ? 27 runs; Nizwa College of Technology- 118 runs for 6 wickets in 15 overs; Mr.Michael Kamalesh ? 52 runs, Mr.Maroof ? 15 runs