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An evening well spent at Saud Bahwan's Toastmasters' International club

Annamma Oommen     16-03-2014

"We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders" proclaims the international mission of the Toastmasters' club. This resonates with NCT's graduate attributes (No. 6, 7& 9) of producing effective communicators and leaders to shoulder the responsibility of building up a stronger Oman. With this laudable view in mind, a team of eight from ELC, NCT headed by Mr Michael Kamalesh/Elc, /Nct visited the Saud Bahwan Toastmasters club on 11th, March 2014 to observe the club proceedings and to find out the scope for implementing it to benefit our students. Therefore, Mr Michael Kamalesh and the President of the Saud Bahwan Toastmasters Club discussed the scope for presenting a demo of the club activities at NCT. This would encourage students and teachers to become members of the club and profit from it.

The club provides a safe, secure and sheltered environment where the talents of the members are nurtured and pruned to become fruitful and constructive individuals to contribute to society. Specific roles assigned to members of the club in rotation facilitated its smooth functioning. It also gave opportunities to the members to exhibit their leadership qualities in different avenues. In brief, it enables a multidimensional growth of an individual.

Visiting the club for the first time, many of us were overwhelmed to witness the meticulous planning, conduct and camaraderie of the club members. After introduction the "word master" announced the word of the day, its origin and usage to enhance the vocabulary of the members. The "Grammarian" gently reminded the members the grammatical points that need to be focused. The evaluators of speeches, on the other hand, provided constructive criticism on the areas for improvement in content, organization and intonation.

"Table Talk" of 1-2 minutes duration, the highlight of the day, provided opportunities for presenting impromptu speeches. Mr. Orly and Ms. Sharon were invited to participate in the table talk. Ms Sharon brought honor to NCT when she bagged the coveted best "Table Topic Speaker" prize.

We returned happily and enriched by the day's events.