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Nizwa Hospital Toastmasters Club's 6th Session: A Valuable Experience to Share with

Orlino Daguman Rabago     24-03-2014

Before I planned to join the first toastmasters session at Al Wattayah held in Advance Learning Center, I had to check first the word "Toastmasters" to ensure that my decision to participate will be worth spending. One of the results got my attention and I found it as a very motivating definition of the aforesaid word.

"Toastmasters International (TI) is a nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public speaking, and leadership skills ("

From this point, and being a lecturer in NCT whose job is focused on communication and leadership skills, I had decided to join wholeheartedly because I believe I will have a valuable experience with the toastmasters ? which turned out to be TRUE. And then on March 17, 2014, Mr. Michael Kamalesh, one of the members of the Saud Bahwan Toastmasters International once again posted an invitation to join the 6th session of Nizwa Hospital Toastmasters? Club. After reading his invitation, I immediately responded and asked him to include me again as one of the participants because the motivation I got during my first try doesn?t tarnish.

The following day added more excitement since it will be held in a different branch and new table topics will be given that can contribute again to our experience; and of course, we will meet again new people and friends. Around 6:10 pm, I decided to head to the venue. I arrived there five minutes ahead of the scheduled time and found some colleagues who came earlier at the meeting place. The session was set in the auditorium of Nizwa Hospital which is just above the hospital?s reception hall. The place was indeed conducive for such activity. I can compare it to a small but elegant movie house because of its set up and furnishing, and because it is filled with emotions made from various presentations. Since we were early, Dr. Zaldy Quines, Dr. Rochelle Tarayao, Mr. Babu Devassy and I discussed some possible points about the things to be covered on the session. Then after a while, Mr. Kamalesh and Mr. Aravindan arrived with Mr. David Rajesh from the Business department. While we were waiting for the rest to come, we grabbed the photo opportunity and got some memorable shots at the venue.

The session was formally opened by Dr. Vibha, the club president and the HoD of the laboratory services in Nizwa hospital. She made her opening and welcoming remarks which inspired not only the members but all the participants. After her words, two Omani women who happened to be nurses at the hospital shared their thoughts and views about their actual job experience and their time spent with the club. This, of course showcased their improved skills in public speaking. And for me, it was quite impressive for beginners and I believe they will become competitive communicators someday. This was followed by the giving of the word for the day. The word was YEARNING. The assigned toastmaster gave the synonyms of the word, used the word in various sentence examples, and asked the fellow toastmasters to use it as deemed appropriate throughout the session. The event became more exciting when Mr. Kamalesh shared his experience and showed his personal video during his participation at Saud Bahwan Toastmasters Club. It was indeed a captivating moment since all the members of Nizwa Hospital Toastmasters Club and the participants applauded after viewing the video. Furthermore, Mr. Kamalesh explained that in Toastmasters Club communication skills will be developed ? which is the very essence of the Toastmasters International as I stated in its definition.

Furthermore, the much awaited table topics were given after the sharing of Mr. Michael Kamalesh. The topics were about the following: Friends, Family Relationship, Your Past, Present and Future. The host toastmaster called for volunteers to give their views about the topics. The first topic was briefly explained by Dr. Niren, a surgeon in Nizwa hospital. The second topic on the other hand was discussed by a participant, Mr. Aravindan who gave his views thoroughly and inspired even all present in the session. More so, since I was yearning to share my views and very eager to enhance more my communication skills, I decided to volunteer on the third topic. It went well and I made the crowd awed with my presentation and instilled something valuable in life. This is the remarkable feature of the Toastmaster?s Session ? making the participants learned, inspired and motivated; that, at the end of the day they will say ?this is my most valuable and most memorable experience.? In fact, you will not know what positive impact you can make once you had inculcated something valuable to people

After the fruitful discussion with the toastmasters, they invited us to eat in their cafeteria. It was a communicative snack since we were still actively sharing our thoughts, experiences and opinions while we were enjoying the food. What I can say is that, ?All?s Well, That Ends Well.? It means, problems do not matter so long as the outcome is good. My point is that, we were all tired at 6:30 pm. Most the members of Nizwa Hospital Toastmasters Club and Nizwa College of Technology participants just finished their corresponding shifts and jobs, while others extended their time but they still attended and participated actively in the session. And nevertheless, all of us aimed for something?to have a valuable experience and to learn important things in life, which on the part of the ELC staff who attended the session can be a useful tool to share in NCT community.