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An Eventful Evening

Michael Kamalesh     08-05-2014

It was an enlightening evening at the Nizwa Hospital Auditorium on May 6th, Tuesday, 2014. An awesome TM session, which saw the ethos & pathos of life well-crafted in speeches. The TM session was kicked off by TM.David Rajesh (Bsd/Nct). He greeted everyone & welcomed them for the 9th session of the club. He spoke about the 3 taboos and rules of the club. The motto of the club was well briefed and he handed over the podium to TM.Dr.Anand(NizwaHospital) for the welcome address. TM.Dr.Anand in his welcome address inspired the audience by bringing out the importance of the TM club. He then handed over the stage to the Toast Master of the day TM.MichaelKamalesh (Elc/Nct). TM.MichaelKamalesh greeted & welcomed the audience. He narrated an inspiring story about a bus conductor, who reached the pinnacle of glory due to his hard work, dedication, determination & commitment. He was referring to the Super star of the Indian Cinema Rajinikanth. The podium was handed over to the time keeper of the day TM.Akbar(Nizwa Hospital). TM.Akbar briefed about time management and urged all role players to stick to their time. The word Master TM.Madam.Annamma introduced a new word ?Perspicacious?(adj) which means quick in noticing, understanding or judging things accurately. The Table topics Master. Madam Usha crafted her topics well on a nostalgic note. Her theme of Table-topics was based upon ?Looking down memory lane?. TM.David Rajesh (Bsd/Nct) gave a phenomenal speech about his memory of the Durban incident of Mahatma Gandhi (The father of the Indian Nation) and bagged the coveted prize as the Best Table-topics speaker of the day.TM.Orly delivered his maiden ?Ice-breaker? ?The P.1.Speech. He enthralled the audience about his achievements in his career from a humble beginning. TM.Madam.Susan in her maiden speech recollected dramatically on a sentimental and emotional note about her childhood and her mentor father. The pivotal role was played by TM.Madam.Sharon Lawler (Elc/Nct) as the ?Ah-Counter & grammarian? ? She diplomatically pin pointed the mistakes committed by the speakers and corrected them. Mr.Oommen(Retired Union Bank of India Manager/Lawyer) our distinguished guest gave his feedback about the session & congratulated everyone on the splendid job accomplished. The awards ceremony & closing remarks was given by TM.Dr.Niren (Nizwa Hospital).

A splendid performance by our NCT Toast Masters?, who took various roles and well delivered.

(NCT Toast Masters? presentation at the Nizwa Hospital Auditorium)