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Failures are the Stepping Stones for Success

Michael Kamalesh     23-09-2014

It's roses all the way for the "Men in Yellow" NCT Cricket team, as they clinched their first victory for this season in their opening encounter. 
On Saturday, the 13th September,2014 , the NCT Cricket team defeated the Nizwa Hospital Cricket team on an easy note. 
They showed their professionalism in all the disciplines of the game. 
Winning the toss, the Nizwa Hospital Cricket team notched up 96 runs for the loss of 8 wickets in 15 Overs, in return the NCT Cricket team piled up 100 runs for the loss of 4 wickets in 12 Overs. 

The winning NCT Cricket Team      
1)Mr.Saravanan (Captain)                                               
 3)Dr.Kasimayan(Team Manager)                  
4)Dr.Vimal Keerthy                                      
5)Mr.Muruga Prakash                                  
12)Mr.Michael kamalesh (Mentor)             

 The Scores 

Nizwa Hospital Cricket  team
 96 for 8 wickets in 15 Overs    

Dr.KasiMayan - 3 wkts 
Dr.Sugumar    -2 wkts 
Mr.Venu.P      -1 wkt
Mr.Thiyagarajan- 1 wkt
Run out - 1 

  NCT Cricket Team 
100 for 4 wickets in 12 Overs 

Mr.  Dr.Sugumar - 12 Runs(N.O)
Mr.Venu.P- 33 Runs (N.O)
Mr.Thiyagarajan-38 runs

Man of the match - Mr.Thiyagarajan