Mission & Vision


Where Technology is invented


To be at the forefront of higher education institutions in technological education nationally and regionally.


To provide a high quality learning, training and research environment towards developing technological, innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities to meet the ever evolving social and economic needs.

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NCT Strategic Objectives

The Higher Colleges of Technology and the Colleges of Technology are academic and technological institutions which aim at:

  • Lead in national technological education
  • Enhance services provided to students
  • Enhance relationships with external stakeholders
  • Ensure efficient management control system
  • Ensure compliance to policies
  • Product/Service Innovation
  • Ensure optimal utilization of resources
  • Invest in Our People
  • Ensure health and safe environment
  • Promote high-quality technological learning environment
  • Enhance the research environment
  • Develop consultancy environment
  • Ensure efficient financial management
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College Goals

Nizwa College of Technology is an academic and technological institution with three (3) principal goals.

  1. To anchor our identity of technological education within an effective and efficient institutional system.
  2. To foster an environment that promotes applied research, innovation and consultancy in various fields of technology.
  3. To continuously develop institutional relationships in all relevant spheres with all stakeholders.
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Graduate Attributes

  1. Effective Communication: active listening, critical reading, confident speaking and focused writing.
  2. Scholastic rigor & practical competence: creative thinking, problem solving, analytical thinking, time management, dexterousness and knowledgeability.
  3. Team work: collaboration, tolerance and flexibility, planning, organization and time management.
  4. Lifelong learning: research skills, critical thinking, inquisitiveness, goal setting, commitment and adaptability.
  5. Autonomy and Accountability: work independently, confidence, responsibility, transparency, reliability and authenticity.
  6. Innovation: imagination, aspiration, problem-solving, solution-integration, visionary and perseverance.
  7. Entrepreneurship: creativity, initiation, risk-taking, resilience, inspiration and persistence.
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College Values

In pursuing our mission, the NCT's Core Values are:

  • Integrity – to demonstrate ethical practices in all transactions, interactions and processes.
  • Professionalism – to apply agreed rules and regulations, following set policies including codes of conduct and standard operating procedures and working diligently to attain set outcomes.
  • Pursuit of knowledge and Excellence – to establish life-long learning excellence in technological knowledge acquisition, application, and innovation.
  • Participation and Partnership – to enhance participation and partnership relations within and beyond Colleges of Technology.