Staff Development Unit (SDU)

In pursuance of the Strategic Plan of the Colleges of Technology under the Goal 7, sub goal 7c, "We will develop staff, offering opportunities for professional and personal growth and development, rewarding hard work and fostering leadership skills and innovative thinking." The Staff Development Unit (SDU) was formed in November 2009.

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The SDU will work to:

  • Develop the personal and professional skills of all staff of NCT
  • Provide opportunities for enhancing the knowledge and skills of the staff
  • Offer trainings in soft skills and add value to the existing skills and expertise of the staff

SDU Composition

  • Dean of NCT (Chairman)
  • Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
  • Assistant Dean for Admin and Finance
  • Head of ELC
  • Head of ETC
  • Head of Engineering
  • Head of IT
  • Head of BSD
  • Head of HR

SDU Tasks

  • To analyze the training needs of new staff
  • To assess the level of knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) needed according to the Job Description
  • To evaluate KSA of the staff through staff appraisal
  • To identify gaps in KSA of staff
  • To plan training and development opportunities in order to plug the gaps
  • To coordinate, facilitate and conduct trainings for the staff
  • To evaluate the training programs conducted
  • Any other responsibilities assigned by the College Dean

Contact Us

Munira Al-Batrani

SDU Officer