The management of examinations is handled by the College Examinations Office, which is responsible for the preparation of exam timetables, supervision of examination proper, and advising of students regarding examination related concerns. The office also manages special considerations, variations, and alternative arrangement applications.

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Old Examination Papers

This page is a collection of old examination papers of various course offerings from the different academic departments. You can download these as supplemental materials for your courses and for review purposes.

No. Download File
1.   Model Final Exam - Management Accounting 1.pdf
2.   Model Final Exam - Management Information System.pdf
3.   Model Final Exam - Management of Diversity.pdf
4.   Model Final Exam - Managing Troubled Employees.pdf
5.   Model Final Exam - Manpower Planning.pdf
6.   Model Final Exam - Marketing Research.pdf
7.   Model Final Exam - Marketing for Profit n Non Profit organisation.pdf
8.   Model Final Exam - Microeconomics.pdf
9.   Model Final Exam - Organisational Behaviour.pdf
10.   Model Final Exam - Porfolio Management.pdf
11.   Model Final Exam - Practical HR Planning.pdf
12.   Model Final Exam - Principles of Accounting 2.pdf
13.   Model Final Exam - Principles of Accounting.pdf
14.   Model Final Exam - Principles of Macroeconomics.pdf
15.   Model Final Exam - Principles of Management.pdf
16.   Model Final Exam - Principles of Marketing.pdf
17.   Model Final Exam - Principles of Retailing.pdf
18.   Model Final Exam - Principles of Sales.pdf
19.   Model Final Exam - Production and Operations Managment.pdf
20.   Model Final Exam - Psychology at Work.pdf
21.   Model Final Exam - Recruitment n Selection.pdf
22.   Model Final Exam - Retail Management.pdf
23.   Model Final Exam - Sales Management.pdf
24.   Model Final Exam - Service Marketing.pdf
25.   Model Final Exam - Taxation Accounting.pdf
26.   Model Final Exam - Teamwork.pdf
27.   Model Final Exam - Total Quality Management.pdf
28.   Model Mid Exam - Entrepreneurship.pdf
29.   Model Mid Exam - Research Methodology.pdf

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