Teaching & Learning

The aim of the UTAS-Nizwa is to develop workers that can appreciate the practical, social, and ethical aspects of their chosen fields, with the skills and competence to do their jobs effectively in emerging culturally-diverse workplaces within the changing contexts of the Sultanate.

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In order to realize this, UTAS-Nizwa is constantly polishing an educational model anchored in the holistic concept of learning. It tries to combine the intellectual requirements of disciplinary knowledge and the outcomes of application-based tasks with personal skills, ideas, and approaches developed through actual practices in industries and the community.

The UTAS-Nizwa supports and enhances teaching and learning through a flexible and dynamic approach which is expressed through stimulating teaching, the effective use of technology, and an information-rich environment.

Aside from the more traditional curriculum practices, many UTAS-Nizwa students experience diverse complementary activities through theextra-curricular learning that exists in their community, workplace, and in other organizations.

The UTAS-Nizwa shows its commitment to the betterment of quality teaching and learning through its recognition of good teaching practices, academic staff development activities, and other improvements obtained from feedback surveys and an annual performance review.

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Teaching and Learning Plan

Our objectives and strategies for teaching and learning are included in the College Strategic Plan teaching and learning components. The strategic plan shows the directions for teaching and learning that the College is currently pursuing, as well as the student experiences that reflect our approach to the College's development.

The College's strategic approach to teaching and learning has reflected continuity in approach such as:

  • We have continued to put emphasis on application-based learning and the development of relevant skills to enable students to work in that particular environment.
  • Our technology platforms are now well-established, allowing us to adapt to new learning environments, and give our students a better learning experience.
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Teaching and Learning Resources

Aside from the Library and the Learning Resources Centre, both students and staff can access the eLearning facility of the College to add/download course materials that are relevant to them. The Educational Technologies Centre (ETC) also provides Internet connectivity to all staff so that they can use the Web for the preparation of their teaching materials, and the Educational Services Section of the ETC provides varied services in helping the staff prepare these materials such as printing and publication.