UTAS-Nizwa Alumni

UTAS-Nizwa Alumni


Make a difference for your college. Join the Nizwa College of Technology Alumni Group. This section of the UTAS-Nizwa Website is created to reach out to you, and to promote the relationship between the College and its alumni. Graduates of UTAS-Nizwa or those who have attended the College are encouraged to participate in the Alumni group. The Office of the Student Affairs, in cooperation with ETC, serves as the liaison between the College and those seeking membership to the Alumni Group.

For other information regarding the UTAS-Nizwa Alumni Group, you can contact the college admin.

Watch our Alumni Experience

Watch an experience of our graduated students who are leading heavey jobs, handling great duties & resopnsibilties :

Benefits & Services

The students, who graduated from UTAS-Nizwa and joined UTAS-Nizwa Graduates Network, will:

  • Get support and guidance in getting a job by the Career Guidance Office.
  • Start business and be an entrepreneur supported by the Business Center at UTAS-Nizwa.
  • Stay in touch with former classmates on the Alumni webpage.
  • Be informed about what is the latest news and events happening inside UTAS-Nizwa Campus.
  • Get benefits to enter the UTAS-NizwaLibrary and use the library services.
  • Have an opportunity to continue a part-time study degree after employment.
  • Contact with staff & friends.


Alumni Network - Board of Directors

Alumni Network Members

Contact Alumni Follow-up Office

For more information or enquiries regarding to UTAS-Nizwa Alumni, Contact the office of Alumni Folow-up, as below:

Fahad Afif Al Sawaqi

Head of Counselling & Graduates Follow-up

Office Phone No.:


Email Address: