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About the Center

The Business Center at Nizwa College of Technology is the first of its kind at the level of educational and academic institutions in the Sultanate. The center has been established with the generous support of the Oman LNG. The Center seeks to make the most of the academic environment in the college to embrace the students specially the owners of pilot projects, and to facilitate their mission in promoting their businesses and advancement. The Center also seeks to develop its relationship with institutions in the public and private sectors. The commercial incubators and business centers and innovation have their own key role in the development and growth of the national economy by supporting emerging companies and commercial activities.

Presentation about Business Center

Center Mission

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The Business Center will provide the college students and entrepreneurs from students with a scientific environment suitable for the development of their skills and self-marketing their business ideas to external customers.

Center Vision

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The Business Center at Nizwa College of Technology seeks to become a center of excellence for scientific distinction which highlights talents and abilities of the college students in the field of establishing and leading commercial project management of society and institutions in both, public and private sectors.

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  1. Stimulating the development of small and medium enterprises to become able to enter the commercial risks to gain success and continuity.
  2. Motivating and encouraging the students for the initiative to start their own businesses, according to the college's strategy in the promotion and development of small and medium business.
  3. Provide the best and latest services to students to enable them to develop their pioneer businesses.
  4. Provide a distinctive supervision to students to improve their talents and entrepreneurial innovations and transform them into economic value.
  5. Provide job opportunities for job seekers as well as to encourage the economic diversification and commercialization of new ideas and innovations. 
  6. Creating a positive learning environment to encourage, develop and refine creativity and innovation among the college students.
  7. Establish a base for coordination between the college students and, public and private sectors institutions to facilitate transfer of technology.
  1. Help entrepreneurs with knowledge, experiences and facilities to design, develop and improve the entrepreneurial and innovative marketing ideas in collaboration with government and private sector institutions.
  2. Providing offices environment to entrepreneurs equipped with furniture,  computers, Internet, mobile and others.
  3. Providing entrepreneurs with the necessary training to manage their projects, including technical training and skills development among self-entrepreneurs like skill salutation, negotiation, relationship building, teamwork, time management, and others.
  4. Assist and guide the entrepreneurs in obtaining adequate financing.
  5. Help pioneer students for marketing and sell their innovative products to industrial sector institutions and the community. 
  6. Facilitate the access of the external clients to the college business center to find solutions to their commercial problems in consultation with the pioneers and innovators college students.
  7. Provide training to the business institutions and assist them in re-engineering and design restructuring to improve their business.

Advisory Committee aims to provide technical consulting and assistance in spreading the culture of entrepreneurship among students in the college, and technical training for the incubated entrepreneurs students and business ideas, and future plans in order to be employees of the center's programs are eligible to establish their commercial pilot.

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Mr. Ismail Ahmed Nasser Al Riyami