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The Nizwa College of Technology Business Center provides different assistance to upcoming and brilliant student innovations and enterprises. It gives the necessary help and support that will enable new entrepreneurs to succeed in their respective business ventures as well as marketable inventions and projects.

Student presenting innovations

Enterprises Supported by Business Center

Azureoo logo

Azureoo Company

Azureoo was established by a group of graduate students of NCT. The company is fully business incubated & supported by NCT Business Center & Injaz oman. It aims to create unique ideas of technological solutions & make creative, smart & safe equipments.

Azureoo product

Product Description

The product is a mobile electric plug which provides different electrical outputs such as usb & 13A/250V of electrical output extensions. The main idea of the the product is to reduce the cases of fire disasters caused by electrical heat. An electrical timer clock is used which regulate the power timing and at the same time save the wasted electrical energy .

Azureoo participation


  • Entrepreneurs Exhibition at Shangri la - Muscat  25-26 / 6 / 2015
  • Books Exhibition at Lulu Hypermakrket - Nizwa  9-11/ 7 / 2015
  • Grand Mall Exhibition - Muscat    12 / 7 / 2015
  • Renaissance Day Celebration at Al-Naseem Park -   Al-Seeb      23 / 7 / 2015
  • Oman Enterprises Exhibition at Oman International Exhibition Center - Muscat   4-6/8/2015
Azureoo about

Contact Info

Majid Al-Busaidi

Production Manager

Tasheel logo

Tasheel Modern Technology Company

Tasheel Modern Technology Company, seeks to produce modern electronic devices with ease of use. It works to create digital solutions in various aspects of life and vital areas. Also it aspire to market & sell its products locally & globally. Tasheel company was founded by graduate students of NCT and incubated by NCT Business Center.

The goals of the company:

  • Spread the culture of technology awareness, training & rehabilitation of Omani cadres, and contribution for job creation.
  • Create quality innovations with ease of use & accessible for users.
  • Finding technical solutions for educational issues.
  • To satisfy its customers inside and outside the Sultanate.
Tasheel product

Product Description

The idea of this innovation came from the situation wherein students are usually suffers during waiting for a long period of time to meet his/her teacher and be surprised that the teacher is not available. Tasheel Company found a solution to this issue and develop a device that will be fixed on a viewable location and show the person’s status, which helps students know when will that person be back.

Simply, it's an electronic device that shows the status of a person (busy, vacation, office, etc.) and allow the user to enter his/her PIN number, and selects his status and enter the expected return time.

Tasheel participation


  • Participate in "Sharekaty" competition for the third season.
  • Exhibition in the Shangri-la Hotel on (18 July 2015)
  • Higher Education Institutions Exhibition at Oman International Exhibition Center at (10-12 August 2015)
  • Muscat Grand Mall Exhibition on  (26-27 August 2015)
  • Exhibition at Ministry of Higher Education on (11 September 2015)
  • Exhibition of Technical Companies at Nizwa Lulu Hypermarket on  (12-13 September 2015)
  • Second Omani Innovations Exhibition, Awarded third stage of all colleges and universities at Oman. (22-24 / March / 2015)
Tasheel about

Contact Info

Majid Al-Busaidi

Production Manager
  • (+968) 95942526

Saif Al-Nabhani

Marketing Manager
  • (+968) 95629957