Housing & Accommodation

NCT works towards helping students find their suitable accommodation during their study. The college maintains a list of accommodation owners or renters which is provided for the students every academic year.

Student at terrace

The following are the rules and guidelines for the students before acquiring accommodation contracts:

General Rules and Guidance for Renting Accommodation

  • The student is responsible for making contract individually with property owner.
  • Adopt the contract by the municipality is recommended.
  • The contract should cover the rights, services and responsibilities between contractors.
  • It is recommended to find an accommodation near the college.
  • Check and make sure if accommodation is appropriate; checking should include: inside & outside of building, gas and electricity, water pipes, tools, safety and security.
  • Clearly agree with owner before signing the contract, about rent price, bills and contract covers including water bills, electricity bills, gas cylinder, monthly meter readings.
  • You must know your rights and obligations as a tenant such as: external repair and maintenance of the house when needed, the ability to make small things around the house such as the reform of housing or light bulbs or water pipes or cleaning the windows when necessary, without causing damage to the property, keep calm and not disturb the neighbors, etc.
  • When prejudice to the property owner for any item on the contract, you should contact the parties competent (the municipality).

List of Property Owners and their Contact Number

Name Contact Number
Al-Ithaar 95281095 - 94132916
Murshid Al-Kindi 92518399
Said Ghatrifi 96777670
Yusuf Al-Hadidi
Zaher Al-Amari
Mohammad Al-Nomani
Saud Al-Hadhrami
Saif Al-Hadhrami
Khaled Al-Zakwani
Fahad Al-Subhi
Ahmad Al-Rashdi
Asa'ad Al-Yarobi

For more information or enquiries, Please contact Department of Activities, Housing and Graduation

Ismail Nasser Al-Riyami

HSAG, Head