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College Clinic

Student sick

The college has a medical clinic that can assist student who encounter health-related problems. The clinic is managed by qualified and competent personnel to ensure that both staff and students are adequately assisted and given the required basic treatment should they get sick or meet with an accident while on the college premises. The clinic also disseminates information from time to time on what staff and students should do to stay healthy, especially if there are extreme abnormalities in the environment.

Emergency Contact

Duty Hours : 7:30 am - 2:30 pm

Emergency Contact (Internal) :581

Emergency Contact (External) :25446581

Clinic Location

Clinic location

Clinic Goals

  • Strive towards achieving quality health services for student & staff.
  • Build healthy community inside college by well-trained & specialized medical staff.
  • Build educated community about healthcare with best health habits & behaviors.

Clinic Services

  • Free treatment of illness, injury, & light disease. The clinic treats primary cases & provide first aid treatment for emergency cases.
  • Assistance with emotional & personal difficulties regarding to helath issues.
  • Medical advice for patients with infectious and non- infectious diseases.
  • Routine medical examinations & health checks (cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.)
  • Monitoring patients who infected with chronic diseases and provide the necessary healthcare service to them.
  • Sports medicine by treatment of injuries.

Clinic Activities

  • Conduct seminars & workshops about heathcare issues & upadates college community about health matters.  
  • Conduct blood donation sessions for staff & students who want to donate for blood.
  • Conduct awareness classes & workshops about first aid for students & staff.

Contact Clinic

Clinic Staff

  • (+968) 25446534
  • Extension No: 190 & 191