Student Activities

As students become part of the NCT Community, they will have the opportunities to join and participate in different college activities in order to improve their creativity, talents & skills in sports, culture arts. Learn more about student activities and get involved with the NCT Community.

Student presenting artwork

Cultural Activities

The Social and Cultural Activities groups work toward conducting & organizing various social activities for the students at NCT as well as providing opportunities for students to spend their extracurricular time effectively. The group’s mission is to turn our students into active, creative, and socially responsible individuals. In this respect, NCT organize events, conferences, trips, poetry & oratory competitions, exhibitions and other cultural events for students.

Cultural Activities Group includes:

  • Music and Theater Group which aims to improve student creativity & skills in theatrical works and music talents;
  • Journalism and Media Group which improves student’s knowledge & skills in journalism and media including desktop publishing design and article writing;
  • Literary Group which aims to display and enhance students’ talent in poetry, oratory and literary works; and
  • Islamic Cultural Group which aims to enhance religious faith & instill Islamic values for student by organizing and conducting Islamic seminars & events
Cultural activity

Playing football

Sports & Athletics

Sports activities help students maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Students can participate in different sports activities such as football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, etc. NCT makes plan for sports activities every academic year and conducts different events and athletic competition during the year. If you want to try a new sport, you are welcome to join the Sport Activities Group.

Art & Photography Activities

Art and photography activities aim to improve & enhance students’ talents and skills in arts, design and photography. It holds various events and competitions on campus each year on different types of art and photography such as:

  • Visual arts and drawing: NCT conducts visual arts, graphics design and drawing workshops annually, as well as exhibitions to present students’ creative works on art; and
  • Photography: A photography activity aims to improve student’ skills & creativity on capturing professional photographs & video production. It holds photograph workshops & exhibition annually.
Student drawing
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For more information or enquiries, Please contact Department of Activities, Housing and Graduation

Ismail Nasser Al-Riyami

HSAG, Head