Student Clubs

Student Clubs are essentially a group of students in each department supervised and supported by their club advisors. It aims to develop student skills and knowledge in their respective courses and departments. Also, it supports student projects that can be presented to different exhibitions inside and outside of Oman.

Each academic club has activities & functions such as conducting group meetings, scientific trips, seminars & workshops, community volunteerism and other activities.

Student presenting project

We invite you to become part of NCT Student Club and enjoy the different club activities that will surely develop your sense of knowledge, skills & leadership.

Business Studies Club

NCT Business Society is an association of students of business studies department. It is established and run by the students of business studies department, under the guidance of Assistant Dean – Academic Affairs, NCT. Its primary objective is to sharpen the managerial and leadership qualities of students.

As the Adage goes, “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” Business society provides a platform to students “TO ACT AND LEARN” through various programs, competitions and development activities. As we realize that academics is not the only aspect of education, we create opportunities /conduct extracurricular activities for students to explore their interest and abilities in different arenas, facilitating self-discovery and self - development.

The most important lessons of our life come from our experiences and experiences occur only with our actions. The activities of business society include competitions, guest lectures, workshops, seminars and of course a bit of fun and games. The programs of the society are designed to achieve holistic development of students addressing academic performance and skill development.

Each and every student of business department is welcomed / encouraged to join business society and enjoy unique learning experiences. Business society would continuously engage in developing our students to be Street Smart, socially conscious and ethically strong individuals.

Contact Business Studies Club

Mrs. Turkiya Al Busaidi

Supervisor of Business Club

IT Club

IT Club encourages the Information Technology department community and helps its students to explore various aspects of the IT field.

Contact IT Club

Mrs. Alice Lontok

Supervisor of IT Club

Engineering Club

Engineering club aims to highlight the potentials of all Engineering students and to stand with them in all concerns and on their best interest.

Goals of Engineering Club

  • To prepare students for a successful career.
  • To highlight and develop the potentials and talents of engineering students.
  • To encourage community participation on department activities and issues.
  • To help students keep in pace with technical engineering development.
  • To provide awareness and train students.
  • To encourage collective action on issues concerning Engineering.

Contact Engineering Club

Dr. Saravanan Parmasivam

Supervisor of Engineering Club