Student Council

The Student Council of NCT is a representative body composed chiefly of students chosen by their peers through a council election. Their main function is to organize social and extracurricular activities and act as the students' representatives to the college council.

Student council
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Aims & Functions

  1. To discuss any problems facing the students during their study and offer suggestions on how to address & find the possible solutions to them.
  2. To provide suggestions about upgrading the curriculum and student activities.
  3. To discuss with college administration to promote the campus services & support offered to students.
  4. To participate in college planning that concerns the student academics & campus services issues.
  5. To discuss & examine the issues forwarded to the Council by the College Dean or the Student Affairs office.

Rules & Procedures of the Student Council

  1. The Student Council shall represent both male and female students and shall act as a vehicle for the expression of their opinions and ideas through appropriate social means as per the by-laws of the Colleges of Technology.
  2. The Student Council shall meet twice every semester provided that all coordination and announcements with the Office of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs take place prior to the meeting.
  3. Ten members are needed for a quorum, that is, to make a meeting official.
  4. The council shall issue its decisions according to a majority vote. If the event of equal votes, the president's vote shall be decisive.
  5. Grounds for dismissal for any member of the Student Council include: a.) death; b.) graduation, postponement of study, withdrawal from the college, or from the council; c.) a disciplinary decision issued from the college or from outside the college.
  6. The council shall be charged with addressing issues, concerns, and recommendations that arise in the Student Affairs Council meetings.
  7. The President may be required to attend some of the college meetings to discuss issues pertinent to the students' interests.

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Student Council