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Asstant Dean Of Academic Affairs

Dr. Ibrahim Nasser Hussain Al Siyabi

Assistant Dean Of Academic Affairs
Office phone: +968 25446550

The Office of Academic Affairs which is supervised by the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs is responsible for all academic activities in the college. As such, it is the function of this unit to monitor the performance of teaching staff, specify the needs of teaching and technical support staff, as well as the requirements for various academic activities—includingequipment, study halls, and other educational resources; and work towards their development. Moreover, the Academic Affairs Office supervises the implementation of quality assurance measures in teaching and learning and the publication of scientific magazines and periodicals.

The office ensures that the college mission and goals are accomplished. It believes in academic excellence, community service, and the core values of quality education. It strongly endorses diversity in academic and employment policies and practices. It offers excellent academic and cultural programs and fosters an environment conducive to learning. Furthermore, the office ensures student and faculty collaboration aimed at creating a learning community and by fostering faculty research and creative activity, which shouldadvance knowledge for all stakeholders.

Academic Departments

I.T. Department

The IT Department plays an active role in advancing the intellectual frontiers of IT, creating new computer technology and applying that technology to meet the needs of today's technological society.

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Business Studies

Business Studies is one of the most sought after disciplines in the modern world reflecting the need for its graduates in most of the sectors in the economy of any nation.

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Engineering Dept.

Our mission is to strive to graduate highly trained technicians, technologists, and professionals to contribute excellence to both the public and the private sectors.

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