Engineering Department

Dr. Majdi Mohammed

Head of Department

At the outset, it is my privilege to welcome you to our engineering department at NCT. I am sure that your experience with us will be enlightening and fruitful to the development of self and nation.

Our vision is to be a leading engineering department providing high quality teaching and learning in engineering to prepare and empower the Omani professionals of the future to contribute to national socio economic development. We want to achieve our vision through our mission to deliver high quality student centered engineering education that produces competitive graduates who enter the labor market with confidence, strong technological and personal skills, prepared for a life of contribution and success.

Our programs places at most emphasis on practical training because of our belief in learning by doing along with our other pedagogue viz. learning by listening, reading, seeing and involving. We have a dedicated team of professionals from different nations striving to ensure that our students understand and excel in engineering along with team working skills, professional ethics, communication skills, social service and entrepreneurial skills.

We constantly upgrade our programs, facilities and equipment to meet the international standards in providing quality engineering education.

On behalf of our students and staff, my hearty welcome to you to be a part of our department to achieve our vision.

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About the Department

Technology is changing every day. New machines are constantly being invented and new ways of working are established. Relying on upgrading its standards and staying in front, the NCT Department of Engineering had set an expansion plan. This plan includes the construction of new laboratories, lecture halls and workshops. Phase 1 of the plan was already completed with new electrical building and new welding shop. Phase 2 of the plan will include the creation of the mechanical and industrial sections as well as other offices and lecture halls. The expansion of the department is a continuous process to keep pace and to be competitive with the other colleges and universities here and abroad providing the same education and training to students. This will also ensure high quality engineering education for engineering students.

The future is bright for the young engineering students of Nizwa College of Technology.

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What We Do?

Our mission is to strive to graduate highly trained technicians, technologists, and professionals to contribute excellence to both the public and the private sectors.

We accomplish these through teaching, research and by converting innovative ideas and concepts to various technology applications. Our program has a strong tradition of excellence and success. Laboratory training and hands-on skills are emphasized throughout the program, which translates into the strong demand for our graduates from industries throughout the country. The strengths of our program are the quality of instruction, the commitment of our staff to each individual student and the training they receive in using modern equipment used in the industry.

What We Offer?

We offer various programs in technology and engineering including Electrical Power Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Oil and Gas Engineering.

Our program is systematic. Thus, after completing the Foundation year, the student can pursue the diploma degree for 2 years duration. If the student decides to continue to pursue an advance diploma, he or she can continue through the third year provided he/she meets the academic requirements.

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Student and teacher in engineering

Our Faculty

Our faculty members have high degrees from various universities all over the world. They initiate and maintain research programs and technology projects and make every effort to involve students in their work. We have a strong commitment to encourage and achieve close interaction between the students and the faculty.

Courses are normally taught by faculty lecturers. Assistant lecturers assist in the conduct of the course, while technicians help in facilitating laboratory works and other related hands-on activities. All our faculty members are truly dedicated to their craft and are well-experienced in the various engineering specializations that we offer.

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Our Facilities

One of the main strengths of our program is the strong emphasis on laboratory training and the development of hands-on skills in students. Almost all of our courses have a laboratory component. This enables our students to better understand and appreciate the fundamental concepts of their engineering specializations. We offer the following modern and well-equipped facilities: Electrical Principles Lab, Electronics Lab, Communications Lab, Instrumentation & Control Lab, Electrical Machines Lab, Computer Networks & Hardware Lab, CNC Lab, Materials Lab, Thermodynamics Lab, Hydraulics and Pneumatics Lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Electrical Workshop, Mechanical Workshop and Welding Workshop. Also, several Computer Labs are dedicated for the use of various software such as computer-aided design (CAD), C++ and Matlab programming, digital signal processing, electronic simulation that uses Pspice and Multisim and word processing.

Linux workstations are also available for students, as well as fully-equipped PC centers and Internet laboratories. Apart from these, our students also spend time visiting partner industries for actual on-the-job internship training, as well as in field trips and out-of-campus seminars.