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Head Of Department

Dr.Ben Sujin

Head of Engineering Department
Specialization: Computer Engineering
Qualifications: Ph.D
Office phone: +968 25446510
Email: bensujin.bennet@nct.edu.om

“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring true change while learning is more than absorbing facts, it is the ability to reason!” The Department of Engineering, University of Technology and Applied Sciences – Nizwa, inherently seeks and aspires to impart global standards of education via technology infused erudition, demonstration and practice. The eminence of the Department faculty is impressive with superior standards of experience in teaching and research. The Engineering department encompasses diverse specializations of study that includes Electrical Power Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering that includes the Oil& Gas specialty. All specializations offer three levels of study – Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor of Engineering. The students are exposed to the use of smart teaching aids and are trained to be versatile and analytical in their mode of learning. Elevated standards of periodic assessments, practical sessions, additional certified courses and job training sessions are conducted to ensure that all graduates of this department are prepared to face the fluctuating job market requirements. Diverse forms of team work activities, presentation meetings, project based group discussions and report writing practices are provided to the students to warrant their holistic development as graduates who are thoroughly trained to work in the technology sector. Many of our students bring laurels by their brilliant performance at Inter-collegiate project competitions and paper presentations. Most of our alumni are placed in highly reputed organizations while some have turned entrepreneurs who carve their own path to success. I would like to acknowledge the contribution of every staff and student to the success of this department and wish them the very best in all their future endeavors. As the world moves towards exploring the role of smart citizens in smart cities, as the Department of Engineering, let us unite and explore the unending possibilities for smart education in a smart world!

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About Engineering Department

Engineering Department of Nizwa College of Technology is committed to expose students to the practical application of Science and Technology to a wide range of real world problems. Since its inception, the Department has shown enormous growth in all fronts with Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor of Technology courses in Engineering. The Department is adequately staffed with around 100 staff comprising Nationals and Expats from various continents. All the labs are well equipped to meet the needs of latest trends and International standards in the field of technology. Most of the alumni are working in various organizations reputed positions and as entrepreneurs.

IEEE NCT Student Branch

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Over100,000 Student and Graduate Student members worldwide make up 25% of the membership of IEEE and are essential to its continued growth and vitality. IEEE worldwide membership is geographically divided into ten Regions. These Regions are further divided into Sections that serve as the centers of activity for professional engineers at the local level. IEEE – NCT Student branch was inaugurated under IEEE Oman Section On September 15 t h 2019, by the Department of Engineering at Nizwa College of Technology (NCT). The NCT Student Branch has been assigned a branch code STB 11525 with 15 students and 2 faculty members.

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What We Do?

Our mission is to strive to graduate highly trained technicians, technologists, and professionals to contribute excellence to both the public and the private sectors.

We accomplish these through teaching, research and by converting innovative ideas and concepts to various technology applications. Our program has a strong tradition of excellence and success. Laboratory training and hands-on skills are emphasized throughout the program, which translates into the strong demand for our graduates from industries throughout the country. The strengths of our program are the quality of instruction, the commitment of our staff to each individual student and the training they receive in using modern equipment used in the industry.

What We Offer?

Engineering Department offers five different specialization ; Electrical Power Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Oil and Gas Engineering. The courses offered by the department are structured as Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor of Technology. The Engineering department offers wide range of innovative, creative and real time blended projects to its students thought the eminent faculties from the department. The Department has state-of-the art laboratories which engrave the industry needs into the mind of young professionals. The department also conducts various seminars and workshops in areas of emerging technology for the benefit of students and staff members to meet the global standard.

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Our Faculty

Our faculty members have high degrees from various universities all over the world. They initiate and maintain research programs and technology projects and make every effort to involve students in their work. We have a strong commitment to encourage and achieve close interaction between the students and the faculty.

Courses are normally taught by faculty lecturers. Assistant lecturers assist in the conduct of the course, while technicians help in facilitating laboratory works and other related hands-on activities. All our faculty members are truly dedicated to their craft and are well-experienced in the various engineering specializations that we offer.

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Our Facilities

One of the main strengths of our program is the strong emphasis on laboratory training and the development of hands-on skills in students. Almost all of our courses have a laboratory component. This enables our students to better understand and appreciate the fundamental concepts of their engineering specializations. We offer the following modern and well-equipped facilities: Electrical Principles Lab, Electronics Lab, Communications Lab, Instrumentation & Control Lab, Electrical Machines Lab, Computer Networks & Hardware Lab, CNC Lab, Materials Lab, Thermodynamics Lab, Hydraulics and Pneumatics Lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Electrical Workshop, Mechanical Workshop and Welding Workshop. Also, several Computer Labs are dedicated for the use of various software such as computer-aided design (CAD), C++ and Matlab programming, digital signal processing, electronic simulation that uses Pspice and Multisim and word processing.

Linux workstations are also available for students, as well as fully-equipped PC centers and Internet laboratories. Apart from these, our students also spend time visiting partner industries for actual on-the-job internship training, as well as in field trips and out-of-campus seminars.

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