Welcome to IT Section

Head Of Section

Ms.Alice Lontok

Head of IT Section
Specialization: Art, E-Learning
Qualifications: Masters
Office phone: +968 25446505
Email: alice.lontok@nct.edu.om

Welcome to Information Technology (IT) Section. It is one of the three sections in the IT Department. The section offers Database and Software Engineering specializations. The section follows a degree audit that is carefully developed by educational experts, considering the suggestions of the industry practitioners in the Sultanate. The curriculum is designed for students who wish to be distinguished as graduates of Database and Software Engineering with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the current and emerging technologies, equipped with skills that are required by the industry. We are proud of our competent multinational teaching staff who are responsible in guiding the students to become responsible and productive citizens of the Sultanate. On behalf of the teaching and technical support staff, we invite you to browse through our pages and we encourage you to be part of our section. We look forward to welcoming you to IT Department.