Welcome to Math Section

Head Of Section

Dr. Khalifa Al Shaqsi

Head of IT Section
Specialization: Mathematics
Office phone: +968 25446522
Email: khalifa.alshaqsi@nct.edu.om

Math section is the part of NCT-IT department. In order to achieve excellence in teaching Mathematic through technology, the section is working hard to adopt technology in math teaching and learning process as well as in its assessment activities. In addition to academic responsibilities, the math faculties are engaging themselves in scientific and educational research. Though there is no math specialization in NCT, we are offering the bridge courses basic math, pure math and applied math in general foundation program and the courses Calculus I, Calculus II, Math for IT, Math II, Engineering Math, Probability and Statistics for Engineering, Probability and Statistics for IT and Discrete Math in post-foundation programs. The primary objective of the math section is to offer strong mathematical background to Business, Engineering and IT department students, empowering them to handle the mathematical challenges of their specialized subjects and also in emerging technology. We are often reviewing and updating portfolio of math courses to meet the present requirement of the core subjects of each department. To encourage the staff research activities and use the new innovations in teaching methodologies, periodical special lectures and workshops are being conducted by staff development unit of math section. To provide training for math competitions held in other institutions and conduct seminars and workshops based on the student need, several student activities are being conducted by math club. Exclusive math help center for one-to-one teaching and well equipped math lab to enforce blended learning through teaching with ICT and e-assessment are the highlights of NCT Math section.