Administrative & Financial Affairs

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Asst. Dean - Admin & Financial Affairs

Dr. Salim Amer Al Rashdi

Asst. Dean - Financial and Administrative Affairs
Office phone: +968 25446665

The Financial and Administrative Affairs departments provides & promotes the highest standards of administrative,financial and human resources services to meet the financial and administrative needs of the students, faculty, staff, and service providers of the College in a pleasant, professional, and efficient manner.

The office serves the institution by processing and initiating transactions, generating financial reports, and supporting strategic college-wide financial, human resources and administrative planning.

There are three main departments: Administrative Affairs Department, Financial Affairs Department and the Human Resources Department.

The responsibilities of Assistant Dean for Admin and Financial Affairs:

  • Supervising the provision of college needs for human resources, administrative requirements, educational and training materials, equipment, in accordance with the requirements of centers and departments.
  • Supervising the work in the stores, their annual inventory, records of college property, such as equipment, furniture, and their maintenance in compliance with the prevailing procedures.
  • Supervising the implementation of the contracts signed with companies, carrying out work for the college.
  • Supervising expenditure and making ensuring compliance with financial procedures.
  • Supervising the personnel filing system, safekeeping and updating the records.
  • Presenting periodical progress reports to the Dean regarding administrative and financial affairs.
  • Evaluating the performance and forwarding the appraisal forms of the heads of the departments, and the technical support staff he/she supervises, to the Dean.
  • Coordination with the higher management of the university regarding all matters related to the College needs, financial preparation, administrative transactions, maintenance of its facilities, and implementation of service contracts provided to it.
  • Performing any tasks assigned to it by the dean or the college council.