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Head Of center

Mr.Eshaq Al Mandhari

Head of Center
Specialization: Computer Science
Qualifications: Masters
Office phone: +968 25446511

The Educational Technology Center (ETC) is the information and communication technology hub of UTAS-Nizwa. As such, the ETC's mandate is to strengthen the college community through innovative technologies and provide unparalleled support services in accordance to its mission and vision. Moreover, it aims at providing excellent learning resources for students’ development, equipping faculty and staff with teaching tools and facilities, and ensuring the effective utilization of the resources to benefit all stakeholders. The center manages, monitors and maintains entire college computer network infrastructure by making them abreast to the needs of the rapidly changing next-generation technologies.
Currently, the ETC is divided into three major sections:
- Computer Services.
- Educational Services.
- Library.
Within the sections are teams of highly-skilled individuals of various nationalities that empower stakeholders in developing their abilities toward achieving the mission, vision, goals and objectives of the college.

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ETC Services

  • Library & Self Access Center (SAC)

    NCT Library offers a borrowing books service for students and staff by using Library Online system that provides online service of searching resources, borrowing and managing library books. Library & SAC also provides computers and Internet services for students & staff.

  • Computer & Network Services

    This includes Internet and network services; upgrading computer and network equipment; software and hardware support with repair and maintenance; helpdesk and technical support; and managing computer laboratories and workshops.
  • Provide IT learning and support to college stakeholders

    In order to improve the teaching-learning process in the college by producing high quality educational aids in collaboration with various academic departments, ETC provides E-Learning system "Moodle LMS", LED Projectors & Smart boards, and Interactive Classes, etc.
  • Technical Support of various college activities & Events

    ETC provides technical support with multimedia equipment and managing various college activities and events such as workshops, academic gatherings, seminars, and conferences.
  • Maintain, update and improve the college website

    ETC Services maintain, update and improve the college website to provide better online Information and services for students, staff, graduates, and visitors.
  • Tutorials and Trainings

    ETC provides various training courses and workshops for students and staff in different fields in Information Technology, Graphics & Multimedia. Trainings are conducted by specialized technicians with organized program made for trainee.
  • Graphics, Multimedia & Creative Services

    Graphics, multimedia, and web-related projects for instructional use or college-related activities are handled by specialized technicians. They maintain, update and improve the college website to provide better online Information & services for students, staff, graduates, and visitors.
  • Printing and Photocopying Services

    This service caters to desktop publishing and for large volumes of printing jobs such as manuals, hand-outs, examination sheets, etc.

ETC Mission

The vision of the Educational Technologies Centre of the Nizwa College of Technology is to empower the College community through educational, information and communications technologies, to enrich the academic experience for students, and to strengthen the ability of faculty and staff to teach, conduct research, and provide services by providing reliable and superior customer service that facilitates and supports the mission and goals of the NCT.

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ETC Vision

Provide efficient and effective College-wide technology-based services and support to facilitate accomplishment of the College mission of teaching, research, and service. Coordinate, advocate and promote department-wise educational, information, and communications technology resources and capabilities necessary to achieve institutional goals in support of the College mission.

  • Instruction and service are our primary missions; technology is not.
  • Change and technology are intertwined. No technology environment is ever complete. This reflects the on-going evolution of the College.
  • Technology is complex. The intricate academic and business processes of the College demand a sophisticated and well-integrated technology portfolio.
  • Collaboration across traditional boundaries is essential to support successful technology projects. Managing the College's technology requires a collaborative group effort.
  • Investments in technology demand careful stewardship and project management, to be conducted openly.
  • Clear goals and a realistic strategy for employing educational and information and communications technologies to improve education, research and services.
  • Professional development strategy that ensures that staff members know how to use these new technologies effectively.
  • Assessment of services, hardware, and software that will be required to meet the goals and objectives.
  • An evaluation process that enables the unit to monitor and report progress toward the specified goals and objectives and make periodic corrections in response to new developments and opportunities as they arise.
  1. Adopt the philosophy of strategic planning as the methodology for management of educational, information, and communications technologies and advocate this philosophy College-wide.
  2. Continue the development and implementation of the Educational Technology strategic plan in support of the College Strategic Plan.
  3. Create and sustain a technologically rich College environment that includes necessary resources, capabilities, standards, policies and procedures, and encourage infusion of new technology into that environment.
  4. Promote and advocate College-wide implementation of appropriate new learning, computing, telecommunications, and video technologies as tools for more efficient and effective accomplishment of College mission.
  5. Provide technology support to the College community by anticipating and meeting their needs.
  6. Take care of the Center's staff by providing challenging and meaningful work; proper resources and professional tools; a good work environment; appropriate recognition; and clear, frequent and honest communication.
  • Provide all members of the NCT community with campus-wide access to current, reliable, secure and easy-to-use technology-based
  • Design and implement programs that meet approved instructional and administrative needs.
  • Recruit, retain and develop high-quality technology staffs who are committed to the NCT mission.
  • Configure and equip instructional classrooms and laboratories as appropriate with access to relevant digital-technology systems to help meet the educational goals of the College.
  • Implement budget planning and funding-acquisition procedures that will allow the College to acquire and implement new technological developments in a cost-effective manner.
  • Provide faculty and staff with ongoing professional development opportunities for acquiring skills needed to effectively integrate and to use technology-based systems in instructional and for student-administration services.
  • Offer exceptional customer service.
  • Foster a positive, respectful environment that recognizes and honors staff and students.
  • Maintain a business continuity and disaster recovery plan for critical systems and infrastructure.