English Language Center

Mr. Sultan Soud Nasser Al Dughaishi

Head of Center

The English Language Center runs two types of courses: General English courses for students in the Foundation year, and courses for students in Post Foundation, which are designed in a broad way to be support courses for the majors they are studying. In addition, the ELC has facilities that students at NCT are welcome to use at any stage of their studies and also offers extra-curricular activities which we encourage the students to take part in.

The ELC is also keen that teachers both enjoy working at the ELC and feel that they are getting a chance to develop professionally. To that end we organize a number of activities over the year and encourage lectures and workshops to keep us abreast of current trends in linguistic research or teaching methodology.

On this website, you can find out more information about the courses we are offering, the facilities we have at our disposal, the lectures and workshops that will be taking place and the activities we do.

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About the Center

English Language Center (ELC) of Nizwa College of Technology is dedicated to teaching English as a second language to Omani nationals. The center offers two programs: the Foundation Programme and Post Foundation Courses.

ELC is supported by 90+ trained and dedicated teachers drawn from different continents who provide individual assistance to students. The Center is equipped with the following facilities which make learning an exciting experience: computer / multimedia laboratories, a self-access center, conference room and internet / intranet facilities.

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Foundation Program

The Foundation English language program aims primarily at developing students' communication skills in English so as to meet the academic requirements of the Post Foundation specializations. Newly registered students have to appear for the placement test and they are placed in appropriate levels in accordance with the results in the placement test. 

Though all three levels in the programme are non-credit courses, successful completion of these courses is mandatory for all students. Therefore, the Foundation Programme is a pre-requisite to join the Post-Foundation / Technological programs. After passing the Level Exit Exams and successfully completing the TOEFL, Pre-Algebra and Keyboard skills students go directly to the Post-Foundation programs.

Post-Foundation Program

ELC offers four English language courses to students to meet their mandatory requirement at each stage in the post-foundation technological specialization programmes.

Code Title Credit Hours Mandatory Requirements
ENGL1100 Advance Writing 1 4 Certificate Level-Common to all specializations
ENGL1200 Advance Writing 2 4 Certificate Level-Common to all specializations
ENGL2100 Technical Writing 3 Diploma Level-Common to Engineering and IT specializations
ENGL310 Public Speaking 4 Higher Diploma Level-Common to all specializations
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Multi-media Courses

A Multimedia course is currently offered to Level 1 and Level 2 students as part of their Foundation Year Program at NCT. The course material consists of a series of videos. The videos are short dramas or mini documentaries/interviews on a variety of topics. Students view the videos and complete a series of activities based on the videos. The course provides students with an opportunity to simultaneously engage a variety of senses in the learning process. The course aims to enrich everyday vocabulary, increase self- confidence and communication skills, and reinforce, integrate and consolidate learning outcomes from the other skill areas.

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Extra-Curricular Activities

The 'out-of-school' activities in the English Language Centre at NCT are streamlined through the English Club, Multimedia Classes, Conversation classes, and activities linked to Self Access Centre.

A major activity for every academic year will be an annual English Festival, a celebration of music, drama, art, photography and poetry. This is an occasion for the staff and the students to exhibit their talents.

English Club gives the students an opportunity to practice their English skills in a social setting that involves conversation, fun projects, movies and much more.

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Self-Access Center (SAC)

The new and improved Self Access Centre (SAC) in the ELC was opened in September 2006. The vision was to create a space for students that would provide resources, guidance and an environment to support their individual learning needs and goals. 

The SAC opened its doors to students in mid-February with 84 ports including listening stations, TV/DVD stations and computers. Students may choose from a wide range of resources for enhancing their skills in listening, grammar, writing, text comprehension, scanning etc. Readers, language learning CD-ROMs and DVDs will be available in the SAC once the revamping is complete. 

In addition to self-study, teachers are available to help students in selecting appropriate materials, checking written work and offering advice with homework, presentations and reports.

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