Counseling & Graduates Follow-up Dept.

It is a student's right to have somebody to guide them during their stay in the college so that they can benefit from helpful advice in all their activities. In this regard, the Guidance and Counseling Office assists students in making the proper decisions about their chosen fields, in cooperation with the student's academic advisor. The Guidance and Counseling Office also provides assistance and gives advice to students regarding personal and academic problems faced while pursuing their degrees.

Students talking with each other

The Counseling and Guidance office provides psychological, emotional and practical support for students during their study at NCT. It works toward helping students in their difficulties & problems that they may face during their academic life at the college.

Our aim is to help students from psychological distress to academic difficulties and social life whilst at NCT.

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Information & Advice

For any question or requisition of information, counseling staff members will try to find an immediate answer to your questions and problems. The office welcomes all students to get counseling and advice during duty hours from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Personal & Psychological Problems

Counseling office provides confidential counseling for students who cope with personal distress; (pre) exam nerves, strain, fear of failure, relational problems, self-assertion, home sickness, depression, etc.

Counseling on Study Problems & Difficulties

Counseling office works toward helping & advising students regarding their study and study choices by coordinating with their academic advisors.

Counseling staff also guides students in finding the appropriate study attitude and functional study skills. Students are helped in giving solution to their problems like lack of concentration, study planning and time management, problems with writing a paper or dissertation, declining motivation, procrastination, etc.

Contact Department of Counselling and Guidance

Suliman Al-Harthi

Counselling & Guidance Department, Head