Admission & Registration Department

Congratulations to our new students for becoming members of the NCT family. Graduates of NCT are proud of their college and we hope that you will also take pride in it, striving to make it a better place for everybody.

Registration with students

Our staff possesses the required skills and knowledge to provide you with excellent academic training. We're certain that you will find them to be very helpful and cooperative. We are responsible for keeping your documentation on file, as well as issuing ID cards, transcripts, and certificates. We are also responsible for creating, updating, and maintaining your personal data as well as processing and announcing examination results. 

You can approach us if you wish to transfer to another college, postpone your study, or withdraw from the college. We provide guidance on the specializations, courses, rules, and regulations which are related to admission and registration. Since weperform many other activities, the best way to learn about them is to come and talk to us. We welcome your feedback;it will help us to improve our services.