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ETC Team Building

ETC Media Committee     13-10-2022 14:17:21

Team building has become one of the most anticipated events at the center every semester. It has been made as a customary activity to enhance the social relationships and collaboration between different sections. This further develops the camaraderie, thus reducing the role ambiguity of every member.
Focused on the theme, "Trust and Cooperation," the newly appointed team building group exerted their efforts to provide an awesome experience for everyone. They began presenting their entire plan of activities for the current semester, led by Raja Al Harrasi and including Salim Al Hattali, Mohammed Ambusaidi, Reem Al Harrasi, Duaa Al Dighaishi, and Ashrap Habil. Then, all members were grouped accordingly and eventually proceeded to the main event. They prepared a team quiz that involves cutting words or letters from the quizzes' answers from a magazine or newspaper provided. The air was so intense as the clock was ticking and every team was busy looking and carving out their answer, after which pasting it on a board.
As the time ran out, all teams were able to submit, and the team started to assess the results. While waiting for the outcome, everyone delves into the sumptuous breakfast served for the event. After careful scrutiny, the Orange Team, spearheaded by Ayman Al Sabahi, Saud Al Subhi, Sheikha Al Hinaai, Safiya Al Rawahi and Rommel Halcon, propelled on top as first place finishers. In second place were the Purple, Red, Yellow, and Blue teams, while Green succeeded in third.
To conclude this meaningful event, Eshaq Al Mandhari, the Head of Center of ETC, spoke a parting message, thanking the team and everyone who participated, and arranged a photo session to complete the affair.