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Three Key Tools Useful for Teaching Community

Mr. Chandilyan.S.U     11-04-2016 09:45:54

Staff Development Unit of the Engineering department organized a presentation titled “Three Key Tools Useful for Teaching Community” on 5th April 2016 delivered by Mr. Chandilyan. S. U, Lecturer– Oil & Gas Engineering. The SDU coordinator/Engineering Department, Mr. Fakrudeen welcomed the gathering of around 45 lecturers who were present that day.
The presentation covered the key tools like Myers Briggs Personality Test (MBTI) and Introvert- Extrovert Scales, Enneagram, Transactional Analysis, etc. The intent of the talk was to understand the said theories and how these are influencing the educational context in the present times. The talk also focused on personal improvement tools like Eisenhower matrix and much-hyped time management tool Pomodoro technique. The presentation, though a general one and relating to behavioral sciences, it turned out to be useful for the audience.
The session ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Saravanan. P, HOD/Engineering Department.