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Emergency Evacuation Drill for Health and Safety Measurements

Mohammed Abdul Nasar     29-05-2016 08:13:10

The Health & Safety committee of Engineering Department conducted the Evacuation Drill for 2016 on 11th May at 11:15 AM in line to our strategic plan goal of providing safe and health working environment. This drill was intended to check the overall response of people while having work and classes inside the EE building. It would also evaluate the outcome of a week-long awareness campaign among students and staff of the Engineering Department about safe evacuation. When the evacuation bell alarmed the students and staff who were present in the new Electrical Engineering (EE) Building’s rooms and laboratories, started to move out voluntarily and in an orderly manner. The building was checked by the HSE Coordinator along with the Quick Response Team and HOD Dr. P. Saravanan. It took around 4 minutes 53 Seconds to evacuate the building completely with a head to head count of 248 participants. Later HOD Dr. P. Saravanan announced the “all clear” signal to presume the classes. Overall it was a hand on experience on health and safety issues for everyone and found out to be valuable and expecting more such drills in the near future.