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Demonstration of Operator Training Simulator - Mr. Bruce E Manthey

Mr. Kasimayan     09-06-2016 08:17:12

The Industrial Link Committee (ILC) of Engg. Department, NCT organized for a talk on Simulation Practices & Simulation Software Tools of Mechanical Engineering & Oil and Gas process industries on 1st June 2016. The resource person was Mr. Bruce E Manthey, Vice President, International Commercial Operations of Simtronics. The presentation spanned for one and half hours on the topics simulation in general and the operator training simulator process models with built-in tutorials that simulate the real time processes. The fitting of these tools to engineering education was highlighted by Mr. Bruce. The best part of the simulation is that the tutor or the lecturer can design an exercise to set a fault, either mechanical or relating process parameters and let the student solve it, within specified time limits, enabling the tutor to assess the students or operator for solving the faults logically and timely.

Some of the tutorials and standard process model libraries offered by them are pump and tank system, heat exchangers, unit operations of chemical engineering, distillation models, varied pump and compressor models, reactor models like batch, CSTR, FBR, etc. The virtual library popups lets any student or operator to refresh the basics of each and every unit operations and process equipment and its functions. Simtonic’s high end app that offers an illustrative and interactive tutorial application was also demonstrated to all attendees. Though the presentation was a sales pitch by Simtronics & ATLAB, it turned out be a forum of technical discussion between the simulator software designers and providers and academic talents serving the need of industrial link committees of the present day.