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Demonstration/Lecture of T- Navigtator Software - Mr. Dmitrii Ivanov

Mr. Kasimayan.     25-10-2016 08:02:25

Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) has donated 10 licenses of Reservoir Simulation Software –“T- Navigator”, after several successful following up (Costs 1,50,000 USD Approx. per license, 15,00,000USD for 10 licenses) to enhance the Oil & Gas students learning at Nizwa College of Technology (NCT). All the licenses are installed in lab EE202.
On 13/10/2016, Mr. Dmitrii Ivanov, Director of Rock Flow Dynamics L.L.C, Oman visited NCT and gave an overview about the software to the students and lecturers of the Engineering Department. Industrial Link Committee (ILC) has coordinated the event. There was a presentation on their clients who are using T- Navigator and how that benefited PDO in maximizing the recovery of Oil & Gas from Oman fields. The presentation is held in EE202, many students and Lecturers have attended and impressed.
Rock Flow Dynamics L.L.C
RFD Company has developed software tools to boost the productions in oil and gas industries. A wide range of innovative tools for Reservoir Engineering is implemented in T-Navigator (Dynamic Reservoir Simulator) developed by the company. A Multidisciplinary team at RFD has over 70 highly qualified professionals engaged in the development of next generation Reservoir Simulation Software. The company has established in more than 23 countries and having more than 120 clients like PDO, KOC, Saudi Aramco, Shell, BP, Petronas etc.,
NCT appreciates their contribution towards Omani society improvement and thankful for their free software support that enhance the knowledge of our Oil & Gas Students in Engineering Department