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Business Studies Department conducted a workshop on “Probation Awareness” with the Probation Students on 14/11/2016 – By Probation Students Monitoring Team Members: (Mr. Radakrishnan Subramaniyam, Dr. Mohamed Rafiq and Ms. Kavitha Rajan.)

Mohamed Rafiq N     20-11-2016 10:30:35

Probation Students Monitoring Team (PSMT) conducted a “Probation Awareness Workshop” with the Probation Students on Monday 14th November 2016 at 08.30 am in Jibreen Hall. Many probation students attended this workshop. PSMT member Mr. Radhakrishnan Subramaniam explained probation issues to the attendees. The team members explained the meaning of probation, types of probation, dismissal, difference between GPA and CGPA and also the formalities to be followed by filling in Probation Clearance Plan Forms with the help of academic advisors. After the presentation the PSMT members called the individual students and discussed about their assessment performances, what type of difficulties the probation students are facing, importance of probation clearance etc. The PSMT members requested the attendees to:

a. Meet the concerned academic advisor to fill a probation undertaking form
b. Learn to calculate CGPA
c. Fill in the Probation Clearance Plan Form
d. Prepare well for meeting the planned performance
Approach the concerned course tutors for additional activities and remedial classes.
The PSMT of the department assured to support in organizing remedial classes to clear/exit probation based on the performance of the students. The workshop was organized by PSMT members Mr. Radakrishnan subramaniyam, Dr.Mohamed Rafiq and Ms. Kavitha Rajan.