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Industrial Visit to Engineering Village – Nizwa center on 23-10-2016

Mr. Ben Sujin     21-11-2016 13:02:11

The Engineering department organized an industrial visit for the students of Bachelor level computer engineering specialization on 23-10-2016 to the “Engineering Village, Nizwa Center”. The visit aimed to integrate more concepts and information for their course “Introduction to Robotics” and the graduation projects.

The visit started with an introductory lecture about the company and its activities by Mr. Asad. Later a brief lecture along with a brain storming session carried out by Mr. Asad related to the graduation projects. The students had a look into the various projects carried out by the Engineering village.

The Visit was organized and accompanied by Mr. Bensujin from engineering department. Mr. Baskar, the project lab in-charge also accompanied the visit.