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Industrial Visit to Muscat Securities Market

Business Studeis Department     22-03-2017 12:55:46

Advanced Diploma Students of Business Department, Accounting Section got an opportunity from the College, to visit Muscat Securities Market, Muscat on 13th March 2017. The major objective of the visit was to bring in the practical exposure to the students who are studying portfolio management.During their visit the students got enriching insights about the basics of stock market functioning.
Dr. Avaneesh, HoS of Accounting section organized the visit in cooperation with Mr. Kamal, a representative of MSM. 34 Students Participated in the visit. Dr. Avaneesh and Ms. Naseema accompanied the students.

A Seminar was conducted at the Muscat Securities Market by Mr. Omar, a representative from Capital market Authorities of Oman. He explained the students about the basics of stock market, functioning of stock market and various trading terminologies. He also showed the students the actual screens on which trading takes place. Students were very keen and totally involved in knowing more from the speaker and the speaker, Mr. Omar was also very engrossed in answering to the queries of the students.

This visit turned out to be quite inspiring for all the students, as they got a practical idea of trading in stock market and learnt few common terminologies being used by market participants and got an insight into the trading practices.