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Report On Industrial Visit/Tour

Mr.Ismail Iqbal     02-04-2017 08:20:52

Industrial visit was carried out at Schlumberger which is world largest Exploration & Production Company on 23rd March, 2017 especially for the semester 2 students of Oil&Gas. The main objective behind the visit is to make aware about how various activities related to Drilling, Well Stimulation, safety, Drill bits are carried out in the company.

Total of 25 students and 3 staff members of Oil & Gas went for the tour. The tour started with safety rules and regulations as per the industry standard being followed, overview to E&P product cycle and schlumberger business at global level. Later they were taken for tour in their yard were students got exposed to various tools used in various operations. Some of the tools that students have seen are various types, sizes of drill bits, High pressure pumping machines, coil tubing unit, packers, drill pipe, casings, perforations,

The tour got ended with refreshments and with group photo session.