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Industrial Visit to Oman Electricity and Transmission Company by NCT Engineering Electrical Staff

Dr. Bensujin     22-05-2017 08:19:33

On 17-04-2017 a group of 15 Electrical power staff visited the OETC sub stations located in Izki and Muscat. The main objective of the visit is to improve the technical skills of staff and to understand and identify the difficulties/ barriers in practical work in the fields.

The team visited the first location 132kV Grid Station (Open Yard), Izki, which is in operation since 2006. Mr. Sulaiman Abdullah Al Shuaili, Transmission Regional Manager, received us and gave a formal addressing. Mr. Mahmood Al Harthi, HSE officer explained about the safety procedure to be followed inside the premises. Mr. Sulaiman Abdullah Al Shuaili took in charge to the guided visit and explained all the technical aspects starting from firefighting system, emergency battery backup system, Power Transformer, Bus bar, Protection system, Feeders etc. Then the team visited the Load Dispatch center (LDC), Muscat. Mr. Mahmood Al Asmaily, Manager, and Mr.Abdullah Al Salami, Senior Engineer, taken care of us in LDC and explained their role in dispatching the generated power in 11 power stations through 80 transmission sub stations to load sectors in many regions in Oman. As a whole this visit enhanced the practical knowledge in par with theoretical knowledge.