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Nizwa College of Technology / Engineering Department RISK MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP

Engineering Department     09-10-2017 14:23:26

On September 28, 2017, NCT engineering department conducted a workshop on risk management. The workshop was organized by the SDU and the department risk management committee teams together. It was conducted by Dr.Saravanan P the college risk management committee Vice-chair. The program was well attended by all the engineering department staff members and the other college unit’s risk management committee members.

The objective of the program is to create awareness among the staff about the RM policy -version 2 besides involving the staff in the preparation of risk register. The program started at 12 Noon, with the presentation on the risk management policy (V2), where in the five stage NCT risk management process was presented.

The presentation was followed by the workshop, where in all the participants were divided into 15 groups with more than 6 members in a group sitting around a round table. Each group had chosen one risk category based on a lot. Then they identified two risks under the category which were analyzed and evaluated by the group after thorough discussion and deliberation among the group members using an activity form. Some groups even completed the tasks of planning the treatment and monitoring procedures. Finally the department risk management committee collected all the forms for the consolidation purpose for it to be used during the risk register revision.

The workshop was concluded at around 2pm with a lunch arranged from the department staff contribution.