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Industrial Visit Report

Mr.Mohammed Ismail Iqbal     08-11-2017 16:04:30

Industrial visit was carried out to PCM company who is the manufacturer and supplier of Progressive cavity pumps (PCP) to various service provider companies like Schlumberger, Halliburton,. in Oil Industry. The visit took place on 7th of November 2017 for the students of Oil & Gas.

The main objective behind the visit is to give the overview about the various activities related to artificial lift system, tool assembly, safety instructions, working principle of each tool, drilling tools like drill pipe, drill collar, drill bit, hoose pipe,..etc.
Total of 36 students and 3 staff members of Oil & Gas went for the tour. Two teams were made, one team was handled by Mr. Ponraj Pauldurai and another by Mr. Mohammed Baseri who all the way came from field to help the students of Nizwa college of Technology during tour.

The tour started with safety rules and regulations as per the industry standard being followed, overview to E&P product cycle and PCM business at global level. Later students were taken for tour in their yard were students got exposed to various tools used in PCP operations. Some of the tools that students have seen are pressure pumping machines, Variable speed control, well head unit, failure of samples of stator and rotor that takes while lifting oil and gas during production, analysis of failures, and assembly parts of PCP pumps.

Students and Staff thanked the staff and management of PCM who helped students to visit their company. The authorities of Nizwa College of Technology special thanks to Mr. Geoffroy GUISE, Country Manager Oman for accepting the request of the visit to PCM.

Surely all (students and staff) had good learning experience. Study material was provided to every visitor about their product. The tour got ended with group photo session.