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Demonstration and Training on Mechanics of Machines II Lab Equipments

Dr.V.Selvakumar/Mr.Fredrick     13-12-2017 18:18:50

Staff Development Unit of the Engineering Department organized a training program titled “Demo and Training on Mechanics of Machines II Lab Equipments” for the Mechanical Engineering section on 12th December 2017. Dr.V.Selvakumar Lecturer/Engineering and Mr.Fredrick, Technician/Engineering conducted the training and demonstration
The demonstration focused on Simple and Compound Gear Train, Gyroscope, Governors, Critical Speed equipments. These equipments are used to explain the concepts of mechanics in machines. The Lecturers and Technician of Mechanical engineering section attended the training. All the participants have eagerly participated and got hands on training on the equipments function The Session ended with vote of thanks by Mr.J.Fakrudeen, Engineering Coordinator for SDU.