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Formula Question Type - Moodle Workshop

Mr.A.Naseer Ahmed     20-12-2017 20:05:12

Staff development unit of Engineering Department has conducted the workshop titled “Formula Question Type - Moodle” with the objective of increasing the interest towards the online assessment activities with the question types like calculated multiple choice, calculated question and  formula question type on 14th December 2017.
Due to the keen interest, more than 20 engineering staff members have attended. After the short welcome note by Mr.Fakrudeen, SDU coordinator/Engineering, the speaker of the workshop Mr. Naseer Ahmed, lecturer in math, department of information technology begins the practical session by instructing the participants to create the sample online quiz to enrich their exiting knowledge on an online assessment through Moodle. The workshop begin with the creation of Quiz and change its settings to make it more secure and comfort for both staff and student. Then, the creation of question types which include the formula like calculated multiple choice, calculated question and formula question type are explained in detail with an example. Advantages and disadvantages of formula question type is highlighted. Shared and private wild cards are introduced and its usage explained. Finally, inclusion of these questions in the already created quiz activity is demonstrated and then clarified the queries of participants.