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E-learning workshop on ‘Using Formula Question Type In Moodle On-Line Quizzes’

Dr. George Varghese     12-04-2018 09:17:19

E-learning group of the Engineering Department organized a workshop on “using formula question type in Moodle on-line quizzes” for the Engineering Section on 9th April 2018. Dr.George Varghese, the Engineering Coordinator for E-learning, welcomed the gathering of around 20 staff who attended the programme. Mr.N.Murali, Lecturer/Engineering and Mr.Gobimohan, Lecturer/Engineering conducted the workshop.

This is a question type plugin for Moodle with random values and multiple answer fields. The answer fields can be placed anywhere in the question so that we can create questions involving various answer structures such as coordinate, polynomial and matrix. Other features such as unit checking and multiple sub-questions are also available. These functionalities can simplify the creation of questions in many fields related to mathematics, numbers, and units, such as physics and engineering.
The training turned out to be a very useful exercise for all the Engineering department staff.