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Engineering Department SDU Lecture on “QA AWARENESS”

Mr.Prabhakaran.D     22-04-2018 08:52:29

Staff Development Unit of Engineering Department extends its benevolence and gratitude to Mr. Prabhakaran Dakshinamurthy, QAU Member Engineering department for delivering a lecture on “QA Awareness” to the fraternity of Engineering Department on 18th April 2018. Mr.J.Fakrudeen, Engineering Coordinator for Staff Development Unit welcomed the participants and handed over the platform to the speaker.
The QA awareness session covered the following topics to enhance the awareness of staff on QA activities:
• Basic Information about MVV (Mission, Vision, Core Values, Organizational Chart and available QA related documents).
• Routine QA Activities and ADRI: Strategic Plan (SP) and Operation Plan (OP) how they are connected with the vision and mission.
• Accreditation process and its activities: Introduction to the accreditation process under OAAA and the College process (SAWGs) towards to the accreditation.
• Different standards of ISAA process was explained with its criteria.
The program emphasizes the importance of spreading the QA awareness among all staff especially to recently joined staff members