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Manah Gas Turbine Power Plant - Industrial Visit Report

Kasimayan Thavamani     30-04-2019 10:13:14

Industrial Link Committee (ILC), Engineering Department has organized an Industrial visit to Manah power plant on 29th November 2018. Nineteen (19) students and Two (2) lecturers have visited the Manah power plant. The visit was a good experience and exposure to our B. Tech Mechanical Engineering Students towards the industrial life and the real-time operations of major components in the plant.
Manah Power Plant begun its operations in October 1996. The plant started with a capacity of 90MW power generation that comprised of 3 GE frame 6 Gas Turbines. Subsequently, in May 2000, the plant capacity was improved by a further 180MW power generation that included 2 GE Frame 9E Gas Turbines.
Students are benefited and enjoyed the technical details provided by the company. The plant manager & his colleagues are happy and appreciate our students after the question & answer session. The visit seems to be very informative and gives good learning experience to the students.
On behalf of ILC, Many thanks to Mr. Saif Nasser Al Sinawi, Site Manager, Manah Gas turbine power Plant, Dr. Saravanan, Head of Engineering Department, Dr. Vinayagam & Mr. Ali Elrakhawi for their support and guidance towards the industrial visit.