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Workshop on “Ansys workbench for Mechanical Engineering”

Mr.Prabaharan.T     30-04-2019 10:10:39

Staff Development Unit of the Engineering Department in coordination with Human Resource Department organized a training program titled “Ansys workbench for Mechanical Engineering” for M&I Section on 21st February 2019.
Mr.J.Fakrudeen, Engineering Coordinator for SDU, welcomed the M&I faculty who attended the program. Mr. Prabaharan.T, Lecturer/Engineering conducted the workshop
The ANSYS Workbench software is a general-purpose program, which is used for finite element analysis of parts and assembly of product which includes static, dynamic, thermal and fluid flow analysis. This workshop focused on static analysis of a bracket. Model is imported from Solidworks. Various boundary conditions, material properties, Element size and load are given as input variables. After processing, Deformation, stress and strain are calculated by the postprocessor and results are displayed
The training turned out to be a very useful exercise for all the M & I faculty