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Workshop on “Risk Management System “

Dr.Saravanan.P     08-05-2019 12:54:06

On 2 May between 12-2pm, at EE202, “Risk Management System – Workshop” had been organized by the staff development unit of engineering department and the college risk management committee in coordination with the Human Resource department for the engineering staff members. NCT Risk Management Officer, Dr. Saravanan Paramasivam conducted the workshop. Sixty staff from the engineering department and 4 risk management committee members attended the workshop. The objective of the workshop is to refresh the understanding of the senior staff on the risk management system, to create RM awareness among the new staff and to give hands on training on the newly implemented online risk management system to all the staff. At first, a presentation was given on the risk identification, analysis, evaluation, treatment and monitoring stages of the NCT risk management system. Then a guided tour through the Online RMS followed by staff suggesting a risk using the risk entry form has happened. Finally, the entered risks were deliberated to clear the doubts. Mr.Fakrudeen.J, SDU coordinator for Engineering department welcomed the gathering, Mr.Prabhakaran D. the Engineering member in the RMC helped the staff in the hands on training. Workshop started at 12 noon and was concluded at 1.40pm.